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Dark Lies the Island Official Trailer | #VMDIFF19
www.diff.ie/festival/film/dark-lies-the-island Written by Irish author Kevin Barry and based around characters he created for his own short story collection, Ian Fitzgibbon’s (Death of a Superhero) pitch-black comedy centres on a small Irish town over a week-long period. If you’re going get involved with men in a small Irish town, they might as well be the Mannions - and Sara is involved up to her neck. The Mannions are a feuding family in the town of Dromord who are all set at each other. Sara is married to Daddy Mannion but holding a candle for her first love, his son Doggy. When she also gets involved with his brother, trouble looms. An impressive Irish cast including Peter Coonan, Charlie Murphy, Pat Shortt and Moe Dunford flesh out this unique, dark, comedy which offers on-the-nose observations about Irish life.
Festival 2015 | In Conversation | Robert Sheehan
In Conversation with Robert Sheehan who was our special guest at this years festival!
The Dinner |  Festival 2015 Trailer
A violent video could cause the implosion of two families in The Dinner, an Italian take on the bestseller by Herman Koch. Paolo (Luigi Lo Cascio) is a paediatrician. His wife, Clara (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), is a guide and they have a 16-year-old son, Michele. Paolo’s brother, Massimo (Alessandro Gassman), has a teenage daughter, Benny. On the surface, these brothers and their families have it all. But sources of tension can be spotted from the start. After an (entirely invented) prologue, De Matteo can throw in Koch’s narrative bomb: a video of a homeless woman being kicked to death by two youngsters who look like Benny and Michele. The film isn’t necessarily interested in whether the kids are guilty or not. What matters is how everyone deals with the accusations. The entire ensemble tears into this screenplay with relish, and the way in which the film keeps suggesting new grey areas is remarkable. Boyd van Hoeij The Hollywood Reporter
ADIFF16 | Opening Gala Sing Street
SING SREET With director John Carney (Once, Begin Again) and cast Ferdia Walsh Peelo (Cosmo), Lucy Boynton (Raphina), Jack Reynor (Brendan), Aidan Gillen (Robert), Don Wycherley (Brother Baxter), Kelly Thornton (Ann), Ben Carolan(Darren), Conor Hamilton (Larry), Ian Kenny (Barry), Karl Rice (Garry), Mark McKenna(Eamon) and Percy Chamburuka (Ngig) ADIFF TV present the Opening Gala screening of SING STREET, as part of The Audi Dublin International Film Festival. SING STREET takes us back to 1980s Dublin where an economic recession forces Conor out of his comfortable private school and into survival mode at the inner-city public school where the kids are rough and the teachers are rougher. He finds a glimmer of hope in the mysterious and über-cool Raphina, and with the aim of winning her heart he invites her to star in his band’s music videos. She agrees, and now Conor must deliver what he’s promised – calling himself “Cosmo” and immersing himself in the vibrant rock music trends of the ‘80s, he forms a band with a few lads, and the group pours their hearts into writing lyrics and shooting videos. Combining Carney’s trademark warmth and humor with a punk rock edge, and featuring a memorable soundtrack with hits from The Cure, Duran Duran, The Police, and Genesis, SING STREET is an electrifying coming-of-age film that will resonate with music fans across the board. Sing Street will be released by Lionsgate UK in cinemas across Ireland on Thursday 17thMarch. The 2016 Audi Dublin International Film Festival will feature over 80 films from 27 countries, and will welcome over 40 guests to the capital over this 11 day celebration of film. The Dublin International Film Festival is sponsored by Audi, with principal funding from The Arts Council. Key partners and funders include The Irish Film Board, hotel partner The Merrion Hotel, beverage sponsor Peroni Nastro Azzurro, retail partner Arnotts, print transport partner Wells Cargo, post-production partner Windmill Lane and media partners The Irish Times, RTÉ Supporting the Arts and Entertainment.ie. Music: My Tribe, You're Tribe "Will To Survive"
JDIFF 2013 | Shell Trailer
'Shell like the petrol station?' asks a man of the eponymous heroine of Scott Graham's debut feature. 'Shell like the beautiful thing you get in the sea,' the affection-starved 17-year-old replies. Manning a practically disused service station in the remotest highlands of Scotland, Shell lives with only her broken-down mechanic father Pete (Joseph Mawle) for company. All is clearly not right in Shell's world, but she's intrinsically a bright soul who has an effect on everyone she encounters. Pete, meanwhile, is taciturn, damaged, an epileptic who is terrified of physical warmth, perhaps for good reason. This leaves Shell alone to deal with the attentions of local loners (Graham again draws strong performances from Michael Smiley and young Iain de Caestecker) when all she really wants is her dad. Graham's shorts -- Shell, and in particular Native Son -- have provided a strong sense of where this young director's preoccupations lie. As a feature debut, Shell fulfils these expectations while holding out the promise of more to come. Right from the opening moments, where he plays with proportions and perspective from the window of a truck, Graham has his say in Shell and he should find viewers who are eager to listen. Book Tickets Now: https://jdiff.ticketsolve.com/shows/873490164/events
ADIFF TV | Day 4 - Angela Lansbury, The Truth Commissioner, Chris Menges Sunday
Catch the highlights from Day 4 of #ADIFF16 where legendary star of stage and screen Dame Angela Lansbury received her Volta Award from the Taoiseach, and was interviewed by Aedín Gormley of RTÉ Lyric FM’s Movies and Musicals at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin. Earlier in the day, twice oscar winning cinematographer Chris Menges (for The Mission and The Killing Fields) was giving a masterclass in association with Screentraining Ireland to Irish cinematographers in The Lir. Menges is festival mentor to ADIFF Discovery nominee JJ Rolfe, cinematographer of ADIFF shorts The Cherishing as well as Just Saying and Rockmount. In Light House Cinema actor Barry Ward and director Declan Recks speak at the premiere of Irish Film The Truth Commissioner. About the Audi Dublin International Film Festival: The 2016 Festival features over 80 films from 27 countries, and welcomes over 40 guests to the capital over this 11day celebration of film. The Dublin International Film Festival is sponsored by Audi, with principal funding from The Arts Council. Key partners and funders include The Irish Film Board, hotel partner The Merrion Hotel, beverage sponsor Peroni Nastro Azzurro, retail partner Arnotts, print transport partner Wells Cargo, post-production partner Windmill Lane and media partners The Irish Times, RTÉ Supporting the Arts and Entertainment.ie. Music: Hawklion "Gold & Silver"
Alan Rickman In Conversation Dublin International Film Festival 2015
Alan Rickman in conversation with Esther McCarthy at DIFF 2015 "Ireland's very special to me, I had an Irish grand mother I never knew. It's like meeting a bit of your past every time I come here." Alan Rickman. "One of the highlights of last year's film festival was welcoming Alan Rickman to Dublin - an acclaimed actor turned director with one of the most distinctive voices in Cinema. When I introduced Alan Rickman before the Irish premiere of A Little Chaos I mentioned how I had, like so many others, first seen him on screen in 1988 as Hans Gruber in Die Hard - a role which redefined the cinema villain - and how he broke our hearts in Anthony Minghella's Truly Madly Deeply. In a career which spanned nearly 70 film roles - among his most loved are his Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films, the caddish adulterer in Love Actually and Eamonn de Valera in Michael Collins - he also directed two well received films: The Winter Guest and A Little Chaos. He was widely considered the definitive Valmont in the 1985 production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses. One of his finest trademarks was the dexterity and snap with which he used his voice, he wrapped his body around dialogue - generating enormous power from the most simple of lines. Its so sad to think that the lovely man and great actor has now been silenced." Gráinne Humphreys - ADIFF Festival Director.
Wake Wood | JDIFF 2011
Timothy Spall and Aidan Gillen and Director David Keating talk about the 1st new Hammer Horror film in 30 years: "Wake Woodmaster"
ADIFF17 | Official Trailer
Audi Dublin International Film Festival 16 - 26 February, 2017 http://www.diff.ie // #ADIFF17 The World's Best Films Come to Dublin February 16 - 26. The programme for the 2017 Audi Dublin International Film Festival features a rich mix of new films from across the world accompanied by top International and Irish guests including Vanessa Redgrave, Kerry Fox, Ross Noble, Ben Wheatley, Anna Friel, Jack Reynor, Moe Dunford, Cillian Murphy, John Butler and Aiden Gillen. Editor: Vinny Beirne from Windmill Lane Pictures Music: Whispers - 5 Alarm Music
Festival 2015 | In Conversation | Rouzbeh Rashidi
In Conversation with Rouzbeh Rashidi who was our special guest at this years festival!
Queens of Syria |  Festival 2015 Trailer
Syrian refugees in Jordan incorporate their stories of exile while workshopping Euripides’ The Trojan Women in Yasmin Fedda’s absorbing documentary. Since 2013, more than one million Syrians have declared refugee status. Jordan hosts more than 600,000 of them, and it’s there, in the capital Amman, that a group of filmmakers and producers came up with the idea of staging an adapted form of The Trojan Women with women who have themselves recently lived through the kind of ferocious war and bitter exile faced by the characters in the play. 60 women signed up, none of whom had acting experience, committing to seven weeks of rehearsals before curtain time. As the days count down the attrition rate increases. Some husbands aren’t comfortable with the idea of their wives on stage, while others fear retribution from Syrian authorities should they attempt to return home. The final staging is both choral and singular, the stark immediacy of their traumas given added potency, thanks to the minimalist production design. Jay Weissberg Variety
ADIFF TV | Day 8 Dance On Film, The Judas Iscariot Lunch, Atlantic
Our 8th day of ADIFF 16 kicked off with Dance On Film in the Lighthouse Cinema followed by a Q&A with Umbra director Oonagh Kearney and composer Marek Kuczyński which was hosted by Seona MacReamoinn. Urszula Nawrot’s husband Marcin Narwot also joined the conversation. The Lighthouse Cinema once again played host to a great film The Judas Iscariot Lunch with a Q&A with director Teresa O’Grady Peyton. Finally, Cineworld Dublin hosted another great Irish film- Atlantic directed by Risteard O’ Domhnaill with special guests Brendan Gleeson and Jerry Early with a Q&A following the screening hosted by Alan Maher. About the Audi Dublin International Film Festival: The 2016 Festival features over 80 films from 27 countries, and welcomes over 40 guests to the capital over this 11day celebration of film. The Dublin International Film Festival is sponsored by Audi, with principal funding from The Arts Council. Key partners and funders include The Irish Film Board, hotel partner The Merrion Hotel, beverage sponsor Peroni Nastro Azzurro, retail partner Arnotts, print transport partner Wells Cargo, post-production partner Windmill Lane and media partners The Irish Times, RTÉ Supporting the Arts and Entertainment.ie.
Colin Firth | 2009
Colin Firth is interviewed about his film Genova for the 2009 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
The Commitments in Smithfield Square | Dublin's Favourite Film
It was a great night in Smithfiled, with Manden Express and Mama Kasbah rocking the stage just before our screening of The Commitments, which won the public vote for Dublin's Favourite Film. And followed by great after party in the fantastic setting of Generator Hostel Dublin #genlove. Dublin International Film Festival together with Dublin City Council launched DIFFpix with a bang! #smithFILMsquare A Cashmere Media Production Produced By Tony Callaly Directed By Conor Maloney Shot by Conor Maloney, Graham J. Halpin & Brian Murphy Edited By Mary O' Shaughnessy Music: The King by Mama Kasbah
Pyrotechnics & Pistols
This wasone of the highlights of the festival in 2014. Smithfield Square taken over by film professionals shooting guns, blowing up cars, with one of them even ending up on fire! All stunt masters, all to introduce Dubliners to some of the behind the scenes of the magic of cinema today. A Cashmere Media Production
JDIFF TV Day 10 Highlights
At the Casting Workshop, Lucinda Syson speaks about the role of the casting director. We chat to Freda Kelly about how Good Ol' Freda came to happen and we catch up with Ronan Keating, back in his hometown for the screening of Goddess.
Fis Na Fuiseoige | Official Trailer
In Ireland person and place are inseparable. Sense of place has shaped the Irish literary imagination and Irish identity from earliest times. Fís na Fuiseoige is a new one-hour documentary that explores the deep connection between People and Place, as expressed in Irish-language poetry and local lore. Filmed over a year using state-of-the-art aerial cinematography, the film is a stunning visual exploration of the vast diversity of local places in Ireland as seen from a birds-eye perspective, illuminated by local stories and by the deep poetic perspective expressed in the writings of this country’s leading Irish-language poets who have written about the importance of place.
JDIFF 2013 | Struck By Lightning Trailer
The 'high school misfit against the world' concept has been mined in the movie world many times before, but that doesn't stop Glee star Chris Colfer's scripting debut from offering up plenty of smart and quirky moments. The film begins with the death (the 'struck by lightning' of the title) of 17-year-old Carson Phillips (Colfer), who then narrates a look-back at his troubled high school life. He is editor of the school newspaper, but is despised and largely ignored by his schoolmates and only has one best friend, Malerie Baggs (played with a good deal of quirky charm by Australian actress Rebel Wilson, who featured in Bridesmaids). Home life is little better for Carson. He lives with his single mother (Allison Janney), whose life is based around booze and prescription drugs since his father Neal (Dermot Mulroney) left them. Her life is thrown up in the air when dad arrives back in town, along with his pregnant girlfriend April (Christina Hendricks). Janney is wonderful as his sarcastic, boozy, seemingly unemotional mother, and the scenes she has with the equally fine Christina Hendricks as her former husband's new partner are high points in the film. Book Tickets Now : https://jdiff.ticketsolve.com/shows/873490216/events
Around the World in 11 Days | World Cult_UR | Festival 2015
A cult film? There is one in every country! Tell us yours! There are quotes, shared among friends that are instantly recognized by everyone in every language! This video is a result of our open call to our audiences, and let's hope we will shoot more of these with many more quotes from international cinema! We took our JDIFF TV crew to one of our venues to shoot a very special World Cult_UR video with our audience. It was a great day in Movies at Dundrum and the video will be ready shortly but in the meantime here is the link to get all your Festival films showing in Dundrum! bit.ly/moviesat A Cashmere Media Production
Festival 2015 | In Conversation | Ryan O'Neal
In Conversation with Ryan O'Neal who was our special guest at this years festival! http://www.jdiff.com/festival-2015/guest/ryan_oneal/ - A Cashmere Media Production -
Sorrow And Joy | Festival 2015 Trailer
http://bit.ly/1b2d69N - Book Tickets Now! Nils Malmros is one of the most important Danish directors of recent decades, acclaimed for a highly personal series of films (including Boys and Tree of Knowledge) that mine his own youthful experiences. But he has waited forty years to make a film inspired by the most traumatic events of his life. Johannes (Jakob Cedergren), an ambitious young film director, is newly married to Signe (Helle Fagralid), a schoolteacher. Together they have a baby girl called Maria. One day Johannes arrives home to find that the unthinkable has happened: Signe, who suffers from depression, has killed their child. Determined to save Signe from a lifetime of psychiatric ‘detention’, even as he struggles to come to terms with the tragedy, Johannes tries to persuade the psychiatrist assessing her that she can be released into his care. But in doing so he is forced to confront his own culpability in the events that led up to Maria’s death. Graced by magnificent performances, Sorrow and Joy is an intensely moving work from one of the great European auteurs. Alistair Daniel Jameson Dublin International Film Festival With the support of the Danish Film Institute With special guest Nils Malmros
Coming Home | Festival 2015 Trailer
http://bit.ly/1EXE9xU - Book Tickets Now! Coming Home follows Angel Cordero as he is released from prison after serving 13 years. We are welcomed into Angel’s life as if we are a trusted friend. This is assured filmmaking by Viko Nikci that trusts and follows the heart of the story, as if it went looking for a portrait of a man but found something much more. When I first saw clips I thought it was a scripted fiction feature drama. I could not believe what was captured, that I was witnessing a man’s journey back to himself in the most intimate of ways. Angel is at times searingly honest, at times broken, but always hopeful, always profoundly human. You realise that coming ‘home’ is all-encompassing and undefinable. It’s a place, it’s a time, it’s a daughter, it’s a Polaroid picture, it’s a never-ending search. The heart that beats in this story is the heart that sustained an innocent man through 13 years of wrongful incarceration. It is the heart that puts freedom on the line to cross state lines to give his estranged daughter a birthday present. It is the heart that looks the true perpetrator of the crime in the eye and manages to surprise us all. Kirsten Sheridan Writer-director
JDIFF 2013 Highlights
JDIFF 2013 Highlights Produced by Cashmere Media Music by Channel One
JDIFF 2013 | Teddy Bear Trailer
Danish director Mads Matthiesen's feature expansion of his much-lauded 2007 short film, Dennis, recounts a gentle giant's struggle to overcome crippling shyness and take hold of his life. Dennis (Kim Kold) is a mountain of tattooed muscle, a 38-year-old professional bodybuilder with a gruff face and a timid heart. He's also got a controlling mother, Ingrid (Elsebeth Steentoft), a needy, suffocating nag who treats him like a child. Lying to his mother about his destination, Dennis travels to Thailand, setting out in search of romance. Drawn to the only place he feels at ease, Dennis wanders into a local gym where he begins a hesitant flirtation with Toi (Lamaiporn Sangmanee Hougaard), the widowed owner. Back home, he begins quietly making plans to bring Toi over. But when he tells his mother the truth about his absence, bitter reproach, spitefulness and emotional blackmail follow. The contrast between Dennis' formidable physical presence and his withdrawn manner is nicely played by Kold. Seeing him so intimidated by his tiny, frail mother is both funny and moving. Teddy Bear is not the most substantial film, but it has a restrained charm and an emotional payoff in keeping with its prevailing understatement. Book Tickets Now: https://jdiff.ticketsolve.com/shows/873490098/events
JDIFF 2013 | Programme Launch
On Wed 23rd January the amazing 2013 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival programme has been revealed to the public. The Programme briefing took place in The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, followed up by drinks reception in the Old Jameson Distillery. Exciting young Irish actors Killian Scott and Kelly Campbell, who will both feature in films screening at the festival -- Black Ice and The Good Man, launched the festival programme on 23rd January. Speaking at the launch, Festival Director Gráinne Humphreys said: "The year long search for the most original voices in contemporary cinema will finally be unveiled next month. It's a festival jam packed with screenings, workshops and masterclasses, and I am genuinely humbled by the guests who will join us: Olivier Assayas, Costa-Gavras, Danny DeVito, Joss Whedon, Margery Simkin and Frank Langella, it is a honour to welcome them and the rest of our cast list to Dublin."
JDIFF 2014 Day 9
Day 9 of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival was another busy one. During the day we caught up with Richard Ayoade, Writer/Director of The Double, Peggy Cummins from Gun Crazy. We filmed the explosive Pyrotechnics & Pistols event in Smithfield Square and popped down to the Lighthouse Cinema to catch music outfit, Goblin perform the accompanying soundtrack to Dawn to Dead. And if that wasn't enough, we catch up the legendary Terry Gilliam, Director of The Zero Thereom and also JDIFF Volta Award recipient.
JDIFF 2013 | Hardy Bucks the Movie Trailer
Made for a paltry but impressive €300,000, The Hardy Bucks Movie has been a long time coming. Featuring characters that have appeared in previous guises both online and on national broadcaster RTÉ, the best thing about the show's expansion from a weekly prime-time TV instalment to a feature-length movie is that its directors are instilled with a newfound freedom to push new boundaries. The Hardy Bucks Movie is a gleefully unhinged crowd-pleaser with an inherently Irish sense of humour. That sense of humour takes them to strange places, both comedically and geographically -- it is a road trip movie, after all -- and really allows the gifted cast to go all out. Their strand of comedy feels improvised but also serves to engage the audience in new ways, with the main cast -- but particularly lead man 'The Viper' himself (Chris Tordoff) -- turning in very strong performances.
ADIFF TV 2017 | Launch Day
The programme for the 2017 Audi Dublin International Film Festival has been revealed and is now live on our website. The world’s best films come to Dublin from 16 - 26 February http://www.diff.ie/festival/films Check out all the action from our launch day which took place on January 18, 2017. This year's programme features a rich mix of new films from across the world as well as Irish titles including Gala screenings of Jim Sheridan's The Secret Scripture and John Butler's Handsome Devil (Closing Gala). Guests include Vanessa Redgrave, Nathalie Baye, Kerry Fox, Ross Noble, Ben Wheatley and Anna Friel who will be joining top Irish talent Jack Reynor, Moe Dunford, Cillian Murphy, John Butler and Aiden Gillen on the red carpet. ADIFF 2017 BOOKING INFORMATION Phone: 01 687 7974 Online: DIFF.IE In Person: DIFF House, 13 Lower Ormond Quay, D1 Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm Sun 12 - 6 (during festival dates only) Music: Late Night by The Swedish Railway Orchestra
ADIFF TV 2017 | The Secret Scripture Gala & Coming up Mon & Tue
Wonderful first weekend of #ADIFF17 with the Irish Premiere of The Secret Scripture with actor Eric Bana and Susan Lynch and director Jim Sheridan in attendance. Plenty to catch over the next few days too including tonight's Cineworld Dublin Gala of Nails and Polish film Playground. Full programme here http://bit.ly/2jatxIs Video: Cashmere Media Music: Bang Bang by The Swedish Railway Orchestra
ADIFF TV 2017 | Fantastic Flix Children's Jury Award Winners
Fantastic Flix is the children's and young people's strand of the Audi Dublin International Film Festival. The Fantastic Flix children's jury, comprised of 11 and 12-year-olds who reviewed the Fantastic Flix programme of films and selected Zip & Zap and the Captain’s Island as their Best Fantastic Flix Feature and Litterbugs as Best Fantastic Flix Short. The Fantastic Flix children's jury was in collaboration with The Ark's Children's Council and the Irish Film Classification Office. Congratulations to the winners! Best Feature Film of Fantastic Flix - Zip & Zap and the Captain's Island by Oskar Santos Best Short Film of Fantastic Flix - Litterbugs by Peter Stanley Ward Video: Cashmere Media Music: The Swedish Railway Orchestra
Meet The Volunteers | Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2015
Volunteering is a fantastic way to experience the cinematic celebration that the festival brings to Dublin each year, and presents a wonderful opportunity to gain first hand experience into how an event of this scale is managed and organised. But not only this, volunteering becomes a community that lives beyond the festival, evolving into both social and professional circles in The Arts. Though primarily a vital element to ensuring the smooth running of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, our Volunteer Programme is fast becoming a force unto itself that sees many individuals returning year after year and so contributing to the festival’s continued success. "There's nowhere else where I feel I'm such a part of something important", Eoghan Bonass "Last year I got to attend the festival for the first time. The experience was amazing so that made me want to volunteer this year", Jeffrey Shiau A Cashmere Media Production
JDIFF 2013 | Day 10
Watch coverage of day 10 of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. Produced by Cashmere Media Music by Channel One
BLIND | Festival 2015 Trailer
http://bit.ly/1FKQl3v - Book tickets now! There is something about using a visual medium to explore blindness that makes Eskil Vogt’s directorial debut intriguing. But it’s where he and actor Ellen Dorrit Petersen take that premise, and how stylishly and wittily they do so, that makes the film compelling, clever and surprisingly warm. Since losing her sight, Ingrid (Ellen Dorrit Petersen) has become reclusive, never leaving the apartment. We cut to another story, focusing on Einar (Marius Kolbenstvedt), a chronic consumer of pornography whose loneliness leads him to spy on a pretty neighbour, Elin. At first the shifts from story to story are a puzzle but soon we realize that Einar and Elin are figments of a story Ingrid is writing. But Ingrid starts writing her husband into the story, and Elin starts taking on more and more of Ingrid herself. This is a peculiarly beautiful film, with the kind of hard-won optimism that feels truthful as well as hopeful. Stylish and engaging, and laying out a fine manifesto for the power of the imagination, Blind is a magnificently clear-sighted film. Jessica Kiang The Playlist
Irish Talent Spotlight| JDIFF 2010
Karla Zambra looks at the best of Irish Talent with interviews from nominees Darren Healy, Kate McCullough and Conor Horgan.
ADIFF TV | Day 2 - Maggies Plan, ADIFF Shorts 1 and Programming For Programmers
Friday 19th February saw the talented Rebecca Miller in town at the Cineworld Gala screening of her film MAGGIE’S PLAN, as part of The Audi Dublin International Film Festival. She was joined by producer Damon Cardasis on the Red Carpet in Cineworld, Dublin The ADIFF Shorts features Laura McNicholas, producer and director of Leave and one of the ADIFF Discovery nominees. Also in the ADIFF Shorts are Daire Glynn, Ger Duffy, Keiran O’Reilly (The Little Bear); Jack O’Shea (A Coat Made Dark); Mike Hayes, Moe Dunford, Ian Lloyd Anderson, Amy De Bhrún, Cathy Rose O’Brien (Leave). ADIFF’s Sarah Ahern presented the series of ADIFF Shorts 1 in Light House Cinema, Smithfield. Also covered are Behind the Scenes event held in The Teacher’s Club, Dublin - Programming for Programmers with Mark Adams, Artistic Director with Edinburgh International Film Festival and Ania Trezebiatowska, Artistic Director of Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema and Manager of Acquisitions at Visit Films About the Audi Dublin International Film Festival: The 2016 Festival features over 80 films from 27 countries, and welcomes over 40 guests to the capital over this 11day celebration of film. The Dublin International Film Festival is sponsored by Audi, with principal funding from The Arts Council. Key partners and funders include The Irish Film Board, hotel partner The Merrion Hotel, beverage sponsor Peroni Nastro Azzurro, retail partner Arnotts, print transport partner Wells Cargo, post-production partner Windmill Lane and media partners The Irish Times, RTÉ Supporting the Arts and Entertainment.ie. Music: Hawklion "Africa"
Dublin's Favourite Film
#smithFILMsquare outdoor screening on the 26th of July - Yes we plan to celebrate Dublin's rich cultural cinema history by starting a discussion -- what is Dublin's Favourite Film? The festival has selected 12 iconic Dublin films -- one for every year of the film festival's existence, and we want audience feedback on those films. What is your favourite Dublin film? Take part in the discussion, on our website, facebook page and twitter -- use @dublinfilmfest #smithfilmsquare. Join our DIFFpix Club here: [http://entertainment.ie/pages/dublin-international-film-festival/] and be in a chance to win invitations to our events and Season Tickets for the next year's festival! The 12 films shortlisted are: Adam and Paul I Went Down Inside I'm Dancing Intermission My Left Foot Once The Commitments The Snapper Quackser Fortune Michael Collins The General Irish Destiny visit jdiff.com for more info. A Cashmere Media Production Directed by Conor Maloney Produced by Tony Callaly Director of photography Graham J. Halpin Production Manager Brian Murphy Location Sound and Audio Mix Alan Tully Edited by Mary O Shauhnessy With special thanks to JJ Rolfe, Savoy Cinema, Oxmantown Cafe and Everyone involved.
Festival 2015 | In Conversation | Jan Harlan
In Conversation with Jan Harlan who was one of our special guests attending this years Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
5 Minutes of Heaven | JDIFF 2009
Liam Neeson, James Nesbitt, Writer Guy Hibbert and Director Oliver Hirschbiegel speak about their film "Five Minutes of Heaven"
Festival 2015 | In Conversation | Nick Moran
In Conversation with Nick Moran who was one of our festival guests this year
Festival 2015 | Day FOUR | The Road Within Screening
We welcomed Robert Sheehan and Gren Wells to the screening of The Road Within which was of Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2015
ADIFF TV | Day 3 - Sir David Hare, Michael Collins, and Traders
Highlights from the talent attending Day 3 of #ADIFF16 In our Behind The Scenes programme, we hear highlights from esteemed playwright and screen writer Sir David Hare, who wrote Oscar nominated screenplay for The Hours and writer Malcolm Campbell, writer of What Richard Did, at the Screenwriting Masterclass in association with Screen Training Ireland. On the Red Carpet director Neil Jordan and actor Aidan Quinn talk to us at the Michael Collins 20th Anniversary Screening and Special Presentation in Savoy Cinema Dublin. Then we travel to Light House Cinema to see Traders by Irish film makers Rachael Moriarty and Peter Murphy. Listen to John Bradley (Game of Thrones) and Killian Scott (Love/Hate, Ripper Street) talk about this hard hitting film and about ADIFF. About the Audi Dublin International Film Festival: The 2016 Festival features over 80 films from 27 countries, and welcomes over 40 guests to the capital over this 11day celebration of film. The Dublin International Film Festival is sponsored by Audi, with principal funding from The Arts Council. Key partners and funders include The Irish Film Board, hotel partner The Merrion Hotel, beverage sponsor Peroni Nastro Azzurro, retail partner Arnotts, print transport partner Wells Cargo, post-production partner Windmill Lane and media partners The Irish Times, RTÉ Supporting the Arts and Entertainment.ie. Music: Forests "Billions"
Agnieszka Holland Interview I 2012
Interview with Agnieszka Holland. She speaks about different subjects including directing, influences and Oscar nominations.
ADIFF TV 2017 | Celebrating Irish Film
It's Opening Night! Festival Director Grainne Humphreys celebrates the wealth of Irish talent in this year's programme. We're delighted to be opening with Maudie at the Savoy Cinema this evening. Lots more great Irish films coming up over the next 11 days http://bit.ly/2ktDcLY #ADIFF17 Video: Cashmere Media Music: The Swedish Railway Orchestra
ADIFF TV 2017 | Sir John Hurt Tribute
The Audi Dublin International Film Festival remembers Sir John Hurt with a special tribute screening of Snowpiercer. This year (2017), with great regret, we mark Sir John Hurt's passing. One of the most important acting talents of the last 50 years, he had a strong and special relationship with Ireland. Never before screened in Ireland, the Irish premiere of Bong Joon-ho 's acclaimed dystopian sci-fi Snowpiercer is presented courtesy of The Weinstein Company. TICKETS & BOOKING INFO: Friday Feb 24 / 19:30 / Savoy Cinema http://bit.ly/2kRUZw6 Video: Cashmere Media
Your Mother Should Know | #VMDIFF19
www.diff.ie/festival/film/your-mother-should-know-de-matchmaker The mother/son relationship is explored to comedic effect in Jeroen Houben’s sparky comedy penned by Irish screenwriter Hugh Travers. It tells of a feisty young photographer forced to move back in with his mother in a small-town community, and encourages her to find love in order to make her less dependent on him. However, mum has other ideas - appointing him as her ‘dating coach’ to spend more time together.
Sand Dollars | Festival 2015 Trailer
http://bit.ly/18ABnSE - Book Tickets Now! Imagine a single-sex version of Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise: Love, transposed to the Dominican Republic, and you’re getting close to the spirit of this delicate, honest tale of the relationship between a French grandmother – played with slowburn passion by Geraldine Chaplin – and a young Dominican girl. Svelte young Noeli (Yanet Mojica) makes a living by befriending rich foreigners in an upscale Dominican beach resort. Her boyfriend (Ricardo Ariel Toribio) is happy to live off her earnings. Noeli’s main client is Anne (Chaplin), a solitary, ageing Frenchwoman who seems to need the young girl as much for companionship as for sex, and has a plan to take her back to France. The boyfriend is wary, jealous but also conflicted by his need for the money Noeli brings home. The story will resolve itself in a surprising way that yet feels entirely believable. It’s a film with a restless motion, a film about people in transit (on motorbikes, on foot, in life), in which the question of whether to stay or whether to go takes on a special, existential resonance. Lee Marshall Screen International