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Present Simple Challenge
Are you up for the challenge? 10 super cool facts 1 pencil and a lot of attention !!! Take the challenge and practice the present simple! Don't forget to like, share and subscribe!
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Relative Pronouns
Learn the relative pronouns quickly by watching this short animated video . Please share :)
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Let's talk about "Gallery Walk" - RaniaEnglish
Have you been thinking about creating a change in your class? To provide your students with a positive learning experience? And to give them an opportunity to walk away from their desks and chairs. Let’s find out how! Gallery Walk… Turn your classroom into a gallery and allow students to be actively engaged as they walk around the classroom to complete various tasks. Instead of sitting and completing different exercises and drills. Students work together in small groups to share ideas and respond to meaningful questions, images, problem-solving situations or texts. How to start? 1- First group your students into teams depending on the size of the class and each group starts at a different station. You can group students in various creative ways depending on the topic that you’re teaching. For example, if you're teaching about animals then you can have the tigers, bears, butterflies or frogs. 2- Each group begins by answering the questions together at the station that they’re assigned to. 3- rotate- ask each group to rotate to the next station. You can also set a timer. I’ll add links to sites that offer cool timers to use in your classroom. Your first attempt may not be easy and smooth but once you and your students get used to it. Both of you will enjoy it. When can it be implemented? Brainstorming before introducing a new topic. Problem solving Practicing reading comprehension Displaying students’ projects and more. Here's an example : http://bit.ly/Gallery_Walk_Tasks Have you ever tried this activity or would like to do so in the future? Please let me know in the comment section. Make sure that you click subscribe :) Alsalam alykom everyone. Interactive timers sites: http://www.online-stopwatch.com/classroom-timers/ http://www.classtools.net/education-games-php/timer http://www.visnos.com/demos/classroom-timer
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AutoDraw + Vocabulary Learning = Visual Memory
This video reveals the awesomeness of AutoDraw as a tool for teaching, learning and memorizing vocabulary. Visual memory at its best! www.autodraw.com Every language learner will probably experience some difficulties in remembering or recalling vocabulary words. He or she prepares long lists and tries to memorize them. Well… according to research our brains actually learn and recall through pictures and associations, that’s why it’s essential that our students create this connection. When we visualize an image several times the association between the image and the word are hardwired into our memory. What if I tell you that there’s a free, super cool and accessible tool that can allow you to draw just like an artist! Let’s bring more images and pictures into our classrooms with an awesome tool by Google called “Autodraw”.
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4 GREAT Pre-reading Comprehension Strategies!
We all know how important it is to have background information about a certain text before we start reading it. This is true to everyone especially to English language learners who find it difficult jumping and diving into the text without any background support. In this video you’re going to find out how to help your students develop relevant background information about texts. Building background knowledge leads to better reading comprehension and improves the students’ achievements. Here are 4 pre- reading strategies to increase comprehension. 1. Introduce or review main concepts and vocabulary from the text. Brainstorm different ideas and words related to the topic that your students are going to read about. Write the words on the board and go over them. 2. Activate their prior knowledge by relating to their lives. For example before reading a text about winning a race, you might want to ask them to reflect on the times they have won or lost a race or a contest. The topic becomes much more relevant and as a result it will motive them to read and comprehend. 3. Teach your students to make prediction about the text by reading the title and looking at the pictures or captions. Peak their interest by presenting interesting questions that the text offers an answer to. For example you may ask, let’s find out how long it takes for a race car mechanic to do his job?” 4. Motivate your students to read the text by bringing real objects or photos, drawing on the board, or even… yes YouTube videos. Videos are an excellent pre-reading activity to engage students. Viewing videos on the topic of the text brings the video to life. If you combine two or three of these pre-reading strategies, I assure you that your students will be much more motivated to read. For more ideas and tips make sure that you subscribe, like and share. Because sharing is caring ! Alsalam alykom everyone.
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Fun Collaborative Writing Activity
What an excellent way to teach sentence structure! Watch and find out! www.raniaenglish.com
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للاطفال: لعبه لتعليم نسب الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اقتراح للعبه بسيطه وسهله لتحضير فيها يتعلم او يراجع الطفل نسب الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم بطريقه مرحه. بامكانكم ان تستغلوا هذه اللعبه لتعليم الغزوات, اسماء الصحابه رضي الله عنهم وغيرها. ارجو من كل ام, اب, معلمه ان يجربوا هذه الطريقه في التعليم هيا اذهبوا وجهزوا لعبه :) Parents in non Muslim countries may use game in English and teach their kids about the Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.
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Let's get them to SPEAK ENGLISH ! 💪
Have you been looking for ways to encourage your students or children to speak English? Would you like them to speak more fluently and with more confidence? Watch this video and learn how to do that! كيف يمكننا كأهل او معلمين ان نشجع الاولاد التحدث باللغة الانجليزية بطلاقة وبثقه؟ هذا الفيديو يلخص فعالية ممتعه ومحفذة فيها الطفل يجهز خطاب قصير عن غرض ذو اهمية له شاهدوا وشاركوا لتعم الفائدة :)
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I Don't Know What to Do Today - Kenn Nesbitt
A poem written by the amazing poet Kenn Nesbitt. It's an excellent way to teach action verbs and rhymes. Feel free to use it in your classroom.
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Check out this low prep game that can help your students review ANY topic from vocabulary to grammar! Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos ✨
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تربيه اسلاميه : كيف تربي اطفالك على حب الله وعظمه خلقه س
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته هذا المقطع يشمل طرق واساليب اتي يتبعها الاهل والمربيين لتربيه الاطفال على حب الله ومعرفه عظمته في خلقه سبحانه وتعالى. اتمنى لو تنظروا اليها وتحاولوا تطبيقها على ارض الواقع. بارك الله فيكم وثبتكم على دين الحق وصلي اللهم وسلم وبارك على قدوتنا سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه والتابعيين
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How to become a better storyteller!!!
How to tell stories? Why stories? Educators and parents can gain for this short introduction to the world of storytelling. How do you tell stories in your class? Do you have any questions about the use of stories in your classroom? Please let me know :) and of course subscribe for more videos :) كيفية قرأة قصص بشكل ممتع؟ لماذا القصص هم الطريقة الصحيحة لتعليم اللغة الانكليزية وكيف يمكن لابنائنا الاستفادة منها؟ مفردات وتطوير مهارات فهم المقرؤ والمسموع تابعوني وشاركوا معلمين وأهل لنشر الفائدة السلام عليكم :)
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Past Progressive
Past Progressive - a simple way to introduce the Past Progressive tense including the use and form. If you like the video make sure that you subscribe to my channel for more!
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Grammar Strips Fun Activity
Do you feel that your students usually find grammar exercises boring? Do you think that they feel unmotivated to solve grammar worksheets in class? Here's an excellent brain breaker activity that can motivate your students ! LEARN MORE ABOUT GALLERY WALKS HERE: https://youtu.be/X83UKsg-Y6A https://youtu.be/3_NSS5ZvdPQ
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8 Ways to Be Happy
Wonderful tips and ideas about how to be happy in your life. A project done by EFL learners at Iben Sina JHS - Kufur Qassem. Please Like and Share
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A Super Fun Way to Practice English Dialogues
I am sure that most of you would agree that the essential goal of learning a foreign language is for the purpose of communication. Using dialogues in our teaching is important because it improves our students’ conversation abilities since dialogues involve speaking and listening. Through dialogues they also learn new vocabulary and practice basic sentence structures. Now, how can we make teaching dialogues much more fun ! Watch this video and find out! First get your students to write a short piece of dialogue between two characters. Check their writing and ask them to practice the dialogue together. Later they create a video using an adorable and user friendly app called Sock Puppets. It lets you create sophisticated little sock-puppet shows .
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Past Simple Fun Stations
Stations are fun and SUPER engaging for practicing and learning! In this video I introduce the activities that I implemented in my classroom and show you my students in action! Here’s the link to the printable handouts: http://bit.ly/PastSimpleStations Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe 🤗
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Sight Words Activities
Introducing 2 activities that can be done with your children or students to enhance reading accuracy and fluency. Printables: http://bit.ly/sightwordsrania Don’t forget to subscribe for more :)
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Improving Reading Skills Using Captioned YouTube Videos
How to improve reading skills using video captions and how to search for these videos on YouTube! Watch this video to find out!
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How to Write a Paragraph
Have you ever heard of a BURGER PARAGRAPH? This video explain the BEST recipe for writing a well-organized paragraph. Printable handout http://bit.ly/BurgerParagraphRaniaEnglish Enjoy and... don't forget to LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE :)
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Past Simple Poem Challenge 💪🏽
Challenge yourself/students and write down as many verbs as you can in the Past Simple tense! Listen to this lovely poem by Kenn Nesbitt 👍🏼 Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos!
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The First Conditional in 2 minutes!
This short video explains the first conditional in just 2 minutes. Teachers are free to use it in their classrooms.-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/join -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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How to Teach and Review Vocabulary?
This short video presents some effective strategies to teach and review vocabulary. Subscribe for more videos!
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Gallery Walk - An Alternative Way To Practice Answering Reading Comprehension Questions
The idea behind this activity is to give students an opportunity to move around the classroom and answer reading comprehension questions about a text that they've learned. In this video you can see how students work in groups of threes in order to complete labeled questions about 3 different texts. The tasks were spread around and they moved from one task to the other independently. Like, share and SUBSCRIBE for more :) فعالية ممتعه لتعليم فهم المقرؤ وتشمل جاليرية اسئلة يتجول الطالب في الصف بين الاسئلة المبعثرة في جميع انحاء الغرقة الحركة تجعل الفعالية الصفة اكثر متعة شاركوا لتعم الفائدة :)
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Descriptive Writing: Describing a Person
In this video, you are going to learn more about how to write the perfect descriptive paragraph. This time we are going to focus on how to best describe a PERSON. Let’s begin! Here's a link to the printable interactive notebook about describing a person: http://bit.ly/describingapersonrania How to describe an event: https://youtu.be/9GSLZsZ5USQ Don't forget to subscribe for more videos :)
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Capitalization Rules! Here's the trick!
The easiest way to teach capitalization rules for both children and grown ups. M.I.N.T.S ! Printable handout: http://bit.ly/mintsrania Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more:)
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Present Progressive Challenge
Are you up for this challenge? Grap a pencil and write the verbs in the present progressive tense. Ready?! Let's begin!
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Checking Attendance Made Fun!
Checking Attendence can be much MORE interesting! Check out this activity that can spice up your lessons. Printable version: http://bit.ly/raniathisorthat Don't forget to subscribe for more tips and ideas :)
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Build Your Wild Self Website!
Build Your Wild Self is a website that your students can use to easily create avatars with fun animal variations. www.buildyourwildself.com In this video you can learn more about the site and options of using it to promote language producation. CHATTERPIX APP: https://youtu.be/jF87Nb07rQE
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Reading Comprehension Tips
Having problems with reading comprehension texts? Don't worry about it! Just watch this video to learn some awesome tips :) Don't forget to share with other teachers or students.
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How to Gamify Reviewing ANY Topic!
A fun and engaging game that teachers can use to review ANY Topic ! The element of surprise is the key ! Enjoy!!!
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How to Create and Use QR Codes
Watch this video and learn more about how SUPER easy it is to create and use QR Codes in your classroom! https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ Don't forget to subsribe for more videos :)
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Passive Voice Learning Stations
In this video, you can find out about the passive voice learning stations and watch how it was implemented in class. The printable handouts: http://bit.ly/PASSIVElearningstations How to create your own Bitmoji: https://youtu.be/Gy8YZ--HeEc Grammar strips fun activity: https://youtu.be/TyqkrrAv_Ag
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Listening Comprehension Tips and Tricks
Here are some helpful tips and tricks can help you survive a listening comprehension task! Excellent for both students and teachers preparing for the Meitzav test.
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Your Super Easy Way to Get Them to Talk- ChatterPix App
Imagine that our students’ paintings, belongings or photos could talk…. Imagine no more! It’s possible! Do you want to find out how… watch this video. We all have these shy students in our class. Those who rarely participate, raise their fingers or take part in any discussion in the classroom setting. With the help of this cool free app called chatterPix or ChatterKids that I will introduce in this video, I assure you that they will read and speak English with confidence. Let’s find out more about how easy it is to use this application. How to use ChatterKids/ ChatterPix - Enter the app - click on take photo - you have an option to choose a photo from the camera roll or you can take your own photo. Draw a line for the mouth and record your message later , you can add stickers and frames and texts. Is it fun?! Ok… so what can your students do with this app in class or at home? They can : -animate their paintings and their favorite characters. - tell stories from famous historical figures’ point of view. - record their greetings for holiday and birthday. - tell about themselves. - create a talking map of a certain country. The sky is NOT the limit. ChatterPix: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id734046126?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D8 Go ahead give it a try and tell me how it goes or even share videos with me :) Make sure that you subscribe for more videos. Alsalam Alykom Everyone.
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Story Dice App
This is a short tutorial for an excellent “STORY DICE “ application and how it can be a great tool to improve your students’ or children’s speaking skills and creativity. And... It’s freeeee!
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Mission Impossible Challenge
The mission impossible challenge is an excellent way to get your students engaged in completing any tasks in class. Watch this video to find out more. The link to the printable version of all the tasks: http://bit.ly/mission_impossible_tasks
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Writing Made Cool with Toony Tool
You‘ve got to watch this tutorial about an excellent site that allows you and your students to easily create creative comics ! NO SIGN IN required www.toonytool.com
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ICT in English Language Teaching
A short description of the course "Integrating technology in English Language Teaching".
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Expressions of Opinion
Learn new expressions of opinions for you to use in speaking and writing. Like and share :)
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100$ Awesome Writing Task
Learn how to spice up your writing tasks and create awesome 100 dollar bills with your students’ photos! 100 dollar bills generator: https://m.photofunia.com/effects/100_dollars
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Teaching Ablution (wudu) to EFL students
This lesson was designed to discuss the topic of ablution in Islam while using the English language. The video includes that activities and short clips of the actual lesson.
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شتاء بارد في البيت: فعاليات للام مع اطفالها
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته في هذا المقطع هنالك افكار لفعاليات شيقه يمكن ان تقوم اي ام او مربيه في تطبيقها مع الاطفال. اتمنى ان تنال اعجابكم ان شاء الله
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Past Simple
This video teaches the use of the past simple tense and the spelling rules in an enjoyable way.-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/join -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Spin Your Classroom Around
Check out this SUPER AWESOME digital tool that you can easily use in your class in ANY speaking or writing activity! https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/ Enjoy and don't forget to share and SUBSCRIBE!
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Descriptive Writing: Describing an Object
Another video on the topic of descriptive writing. This time it's about describing an object. Make sure that you subsribe for more :)
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Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? Teaching Tips
Are you looking for teaching tips for teaching the best childern's book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?:? In this video, I give some tips from my teaching experience for every parent or teacher! Subscribe for more :)
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Descriptive Writing : Describing an Event
You've been asked to write a descriptive paragraph describing a person, a place, a thing or an event… you probably think to yourself "WOW, How do I start?" This video focuses on describing an event. Let these tips guide you for your best descriptive paragraph .
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Connectors - and, so, but, because
What a great way to learn the connectors! Let's connect our ideas and create awesome sentences.
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Writing a persuasive paragraph is as easy as eating an OREO. Watch and learn :) You are most welcome to share!
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