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Coming up with ideas can be the most frustrating part of the writing process, but brainstorming doesn’t have to produce perfect ideas. Try out one of these techniques and see which ones work best for you!
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The Perfect Proposal
The Perfect Proposal How do you get your committee to say "YES"? Dr. Hastings of the Texas A&M University Writing Center shows you how.
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Get Lit: The Literature Review
Our most popular video, featuring UWC's Director Dr. Candace Hastings
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Introduction to Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
This screencast is an introduction to three tools of rhetoric: ethos, pathos, and logos. With these tools you can appeal to an audience and win agreement. It shows examples of these three appeals in common advertisements.
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Effective Conference Presentations
Resources hand out: http://writingcenter.tamu.edu/files/2011/03/conference-presentation-sources.docx
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Avoiding Plagiarism: Writing With Integrity
Have you ever written a paper for class and then worried that you had not synthesized your sources or cited your references correctly? This presentation will offer tips on writing with integrity, including best practices in organizing your sources, taking notes from sources, integrating source material into your text, and understanding how documentation functions within academic writing to further scholarly conversation. The tutorial video referenced in this presentation about using Microsoft Excel to organize citations can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EzJj6efF_c
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Active and Passive Voice
Filming/Editing: Luis (Ricky) Padilla Music from: Bensound.com
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Writing Clearly, Correctly, and Concisely Part 2
Writing Clearly, Correctly, and Concisely Part 2
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Delivering Effective Presentations
A very cool Writing Center video featuring Aggie students demonstrating the difference between bad technique and effective presentation delivery.
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Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers Screencast Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Reverse Outlining
Filming/editing: Ricky Padilla Music: http://www.purple-planet.com
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Hyphens and Dashes
This video is part of our Write Right student podcast series. More podcasts, including audio ones can be found on our website at writingcenter.tamu.edu. Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Quiz on Relative Clauses
This quiz accompanies the podcast on relative clauses. The quiz features 6 questions where viewers must fill in the blank with either "who," "which," or "that." Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences
This video is part of our Write Right student podcast series. More podcasts, including audio ones can be found on our website at writingcenter.tamu.edu. Music: Kevin MacLeod
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99 Commas (but a splice ain't one)
99 Commas (but a splice ain't one) music by Jay-Z Texas A&M University Writing Center rap video
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Reveille's Video Podcast
Reveille's Video Podcast Music by Lacey Wulf using Garage Band
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Are you perplexed by this plagiarism thing? Unsettled by citations? Does turnitin.com haunt your dreams? Well, here’s a slick tune by Texas A&M’s MC Grammar Punch and his friend Big Punz to help get you through. After watching, be sure to check out the University Writing Center for more help with your research and writing needs: http://writingcenter.tamu.edu Plagiarize Music by The Notorious B.I.G. Lyrics by MC Grammar Punch and Big Punz [MC Grammar Punch] Hah, never was your average plagiar- -ist, don’t know how to cite this, never recognize this here quotation, without punctuation Words from another actin’ like my own No cite, didn’t rewrite, teacher says it’s not right Have to do more than change to synonyms On a whim, I did a skim, then trimmed them when I went to rephrase, syntax it stays Word count to raise, pad my essays, clichés Appraise? Line poaching and fluff (no no no) Press Control-C and such, paste too much Head there at three, have my paper with me, the U-W-C easily, skillfully Effectively consultin’, ain't missing nothin’ So we’ll just cut this piece, (c’mon) keep this piece Citation when this sentence cease, (don’t forget) parentheses Tracking, asking who wrote it, you use it gotta quote it Forgot citations? You stole it Aggie, Aggie, Aggie, Can't you see? Sometime your words, they plagiarize me (plagiarize) I know you love my turns of phrase If you quoted me, then you’d have A's [repeat] [Big Punz] I really don't get how references fit (I don’t get it) I don't know, where they go, they're tricky, risky Screw it, wanna have fun Some words, done done done, some words done done I'm just so sick of this, name date p'renthesis Whoa! girl says don’t sweat like feverish Come to the Writin’ Center, it's easy So, friend, how you been? Please grab a pen. Come through, we'll talk all ‘bout what's workin' (that’s right) Quotations on spot, help your Cited Works then, (that’s right) for certain, no more freakin', no sneakin'. Lines we are tweakin’ ‘til all of it flows Here we go, read the work through slowly Vocabulary big like Moby, but now not phony “Save as” to adobe, in our chairs so cozy Whatcha say? Okie Dokie? (Word) Aggie, Aggie, Aggie, Can't you see? Sometime your words, they plagiarize me (plagiarize) I know you love my turns of phrase If you quoted me, then you’d have A's [repeat]
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Tense Shift
This video is part of our Write Right student podcast series. More podcasts, including audio ones can be found on our website at writingcenter.tamu.edu Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Can't Write This
He’s baaack… Watch Texas A&M University Writing Center’s MC Grammar Punch deliver his signature tune, “Can’t Write This.” Need writing help in Aggieland? Let MC GP tell you where to get down. Music by MC Hammer Lyrics by MC Grammar Punch Can’t Write This Can’t Write This I can’t Write This I can’t Write This My, my, my professor’s so tough Makes me say "What the stuff?" What is this assignment here Wanna poke out my eyes and pull out my hair It’s bad, cuz I don’t know what she’s on Twenty-six pages on the death of Genghis Khan Trust me, this bites and this is the pap-uh, I can't write I can’t write this! Search the database, and stacks I gotta do some research and figure out the facts Got a draft, it’s lookin’ kinda rough a little bit of substance but a whole lotta fluff And I’m lookin’, for grammar flaws The difference ‘tween restrictive and a non-restrictive clause Like that, like which I don’t wanna plagiarize and don’t want you to snitch Got a quote within a quote but I don’t know which to cite And this is a pap-uh, I can't write I can’t write this! Write it down! Stop! Grammar Time! Go to the center, for assistance Wanna write your essay? Then you gotta go the distance Getting’ focused, in the zone Workin’ on it here so I can finish it at home Consultants, legit They always work hard and they don’t know when to quit. And that’s word, because you know. I can’t write this Stop! Grammar Time! It’s the Writing Center for the University It's "grammar, good grammar, MC Grammar, no grammar" And all the help is free! Can’t Write This! Write it down! Stop!
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Avoiding Plagiarism -- Classroom Workshop
Often students plagiarize because they are unfamiliar with expectations for academic writing. This workshop reviews what needs to be cited and how to quote directly, summarize, and paraphrase. We review why scholars use citation and emphasize its importance to ethical scholarship.
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Special Cases in Subject-Verb Agreement
This podcast is one of a series of episodes on grammar. For more information on grammar and general writing topics go to writingcenter.tamu.edu.
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Dr. Robert Lane, Writing in Engineering
This is an interview with Dr. Robert Lane, a professor in Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University. He has 30 years experience in the Petroleum Engineering field working and consulting for international production companies. In this interview he discusses the importance of writing in industry.
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Talk It Up - Teaching Public Speaking
In this workshop, Dr. Jones Barbour offers advice on creating a classroom environment that encourages students to become more effective speakers. Dr. Jennifer Jones Barbour is an Instructional Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Public Affairs in the Department of Communication at Texas A&M.
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A Peer Response Demonstration
Simulating how effective peer response can improve student writing
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Keeping Track of  Qualitative Research Data using Excel
This screen cast demonstrates the use of Microsoft Excel to organize information for qualitative research.
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Writing Clearly, Correctly, and Concisely Part 1
This presentation explains some revision tips that will help students write clearly and concisely. It emphasizes minimizing wordiness and writing clear, yet complex sentences. It also covers a few basics of grammar and punctuation, reviewing the most common mistakes.
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Poster Presentations -- Classroom Workshop
Learn the principles for effective poster presentations
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Presenting with Slides
Stephanie Leary of the Texas A&M University Writing Center gives a talk on effective slide presentations.
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Writing for Publication
Dr. Bruce Thompson shares his experience in getting published and offers advice to aspiring scholar-writers.
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The Perfect Defense
Executive Director Valerie Balester speaking about defending dissertations.
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Science Writing
Graduate Student Writing Series presentation, Science Writing: Practice Makes It (Almost) Perfect Dr. Ginger Carney, Associate Professor of Biology, shares tips on writing about science.
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What Makes a Good Research Poster
This video is designed to help consultants prepare to give the Research Poster Classroom Workshop. The video offers examples of good and bad research poster design. Enjoy!
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Oral Presentations -- Classroom Workshop
A fear of public speaking and lack of preparation often hinder students from giving an effective oral presentation. This workshop covers the process of preparing a presentation, including invention (or thinking of what to say), organization, incorporation of visual aids, practice, and delivery. We will spend time going over tips for creating effective slides, and we suggest ways to control voice and movement while presenting. The students will be able to critique sample slides during the workshop, and they will receive handouts for further reference.
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Commonly Confused Words
Commonly confused words like principal and principle
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Rings a Bell
To say that something “rings a bell” does not refer to the literal sound of a bell. Instead, it is used to refer to something sounding familiar to a person. For example, “I don’t think I’ve met Miss Davies, but her name rings a bell.” * This video is part of an ongoing series, produced by the University Writing Center at Texas A&M. The project is intended to help students understand the meaning of popular American idioms and appreciate the use of figurative language.
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Write Right Podcast
How to subscribe
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Are Communications Skills Important?
At the Spring 2010 Engineering Career Fair we asked employers how important communications skills were to being successful in the engineering field. We also asked them what types of presentations entry level employees should expect to be giving.
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The 2011 UWC Valentines Day Booth
Students took a break from studying to make cards for their friends, roommates, secret crushes, and significant others this valentines day! Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Lewis Edwards
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