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Active and Passive Voice

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A video explaining the difference between Active and Passive Voice. Practice at http://www.teacherdiane.com/youtube/page/1 Learn English on Skype: http://www.teacherdiane.com Follow Teacher Diane on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/teacherdianeESL
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Text Comments (48)
Hams Nasir (15 days ago)
Thanks it really helped me in my exams
Rayees Rasheed (1 month ago)
Thankyou for teaching 😊
Erick Pallares (2 months ago)
kush Tapadiya (2 months ago)
Harrish Mugunthan (4 months ago)
thx so much Mrs you realy helped me in my h/w : )
devanjana sajeev (5 months ago)
It's very useful. Can u arrange exercises for the Grammer.
Vinay Vashist (6 months ago)
Ahmed Fariaz Rahman (8 months ago)
actually around 2:48
Ahmed Fariaz Rahman (8 months ago)
It sounded like she was laughing in 2:46 to me but not sure if for you
Francisco Saa Morales (1 year ago)
shahinur rahman (1 year ago)
Your teaching skills really helped me for my study.ThanksToYou Teacher Diane#Sara P5
shahinur rahman (1 year ago)
Your teaching skills really helped me for my study.ThanksToYou Teacher Diane#Sara P5
You're welcome!
shahinur rahman (1 year ago)
Your teaching skills really helped me for my study.ThanksToYou Teacher Diane#Sara P5
Tofunmi Ashade (1 year ago)
it is good
Its wonderful it helped me for exams
karan yadav (1 year ago)
Very nice and helpful. Thanks a lot☺️
Joyce Talan (1 year ago)
Thank you for this lesson. The way you taught it is detailed and very easy to understand. But I think you got a little confused with 3:35 where you said that the direct object is the flowers and the indirect object is the girl. But then you said we use 'to' when we make the indirect object the subject of the sentence wherein you used 'The flowers were given TO the girl.' So flower is the indirect object and the girl is the direct object. Also we only have S TV IO DO. Not DO IO. So flowers is the indirect object.
Lionhearted 146 (1 year ago)
thanks for helping me with my entrance exam.... in QATAR
chandan Chauhan (1 year ago)
Thank you teachers.
spoiled aquarium (1 year ago)
This was so helpful. Thank you so much!
You're welcome!
ReeAmor (1 year ago)
Oh! Thank you! Your video is very helpful! :-)
Eu \o/ (1 year ago)
Thank you, it helped a lot!
You're welcome!
Cherry Pie746 (1 year ago)
tomorrow is my English exam, i didn't pay attention in class since i was busy snoring. I finally understood how this works. THANK YOU
You're welcome! I'm happy I could make it understandable for you :)
JelloFello (1 year ago)
This video is incredibly helpful. I can't thank you enough.
Jx_lx_ a (1 year ago)
I love you 😍 thank you sooooo much i write tomorrow an english test and now i know how to form it❤️
SHIVA INDIA (2 years ago)
I want to know that why we use use be verb am for only i
That's a good question, but unfortunately there is no good answer!
ajdrumiaca hfhehfh (2 years ago)
aprende a explicar
Ghazi Sano (2 years ago)
Sombat Souphakhot (3 years ago)
Dear: Teacher Diane,  Your English videos are great for me.  Thank you very much.
Learn English on Skype (3 years ago)
+Sombat Souphakhot You're welcome! I'm happy that my videos are helpful.
Reema B (4 years ago)
Wow it will be awesome if i show this to my class tomorrow THANK U sweetie💜
Bella Andryczka (4 years ago)
Miss Diane, I'm glad for this video ♥ I understand this now much more ^^ But there are still the other aspects of using passive voice which I haven't got the drift(I'm not sure did I use the proper tense&phrase in the sentence) :/ I mean: * `have` and `get` something done, need doing * passive `get` * reporting verbs * active patterns with verb +  -ing with verb + to-infinitive 
ahmad yousef (4 years ago)
can i contact with u  i want to pass TOFL test 
Mazarita Village (2 years ago)
Hey Ahmed, you need a lot to learn in order to pass TOEFL test. Don't jump into the swamp.
ahmad yousef (4 years ago)
i want skype account just 
Learn English on Skype (4 years ago)
Hi Ahmad!  You can learn more about my lessons on http://www.teacherdiane.com.
Mohammed Marmash (4 years ago)
Can you plz check the part 3:20 - 4:00 if we use the direct or indirect first we use "to"
Learn English on Skype (4 years ago)
Thanks Mohammed!
Mohammed Marmash (4 years ago)
Im a huge fan of yours Your videos are awesome and so much helpful I can't thank you enough :) 
Learn English on Skype (4 years ago)
Wow, good catch!  I should have said "If you use the DIRECT object first, you must use the preposition," as shown in my example.  I will edit this!
Learn English on Skype (4 years ago)
Practice active and passive voice!
Ratna Sahoo (1 year ago)
Learn English on Skyp
Ayeee Lol (1 year ago)
Learn English on Skype Thank you, explained it a lot more than the other people.

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