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active and passive voice by louise

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Text Comments (13)
Barbara Friedrich (6 months ago)
You misspelled a lot of things
alejandro niño (7 months ago)
putos todos
alejandro niño (7 months ago)
que ortografía mas mierdosita
mario Huang (8 months ago)
u sure in english has such word called "Doer" ?
Ros Rubinstein (1 year ago)
You punch someone in the face!!
alaparthi abi vin (1 year ago)
Nice! Best explanation loved it
BETTY (1 year ago)
Haha. This is nice but as the rest of the comments complained, "grammatical mistakes".
Leila Pereira (1 year ago)
It's a great video, but due to spelling mistakes and grammar errors, I can't show it to my class! If you fix it up a bit, teachers will be able to use it.
N7o3_ (2 years ago)
ty u dude u let me understand
Mazarita Village (2 years ago)
The only way to prevent you from Passive is not using verb to be that's it.
cécile Gaillot (2 years ago)
there are spelling mistakes
Garrett Remaley (3 years ago)
this has so many mistakes that it cannot be used.
Carlos Huerta (3 years ago)
i cringed at this

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