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The Book of Enoch Complete

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This Ethiopic version of the Book of Enoch is deemed by scholars to be older by several centuries than the Slavonic one, and portions of that older version are in turn known to have been based on Keepers of the Secrets 129 even older manuscripts, such as a lost Book of Noah. Fragments of the Enoch books were discovered among the Dead Sea scrolls. The astronomical-calendrical tale of Enoch thus goes back into great antiquity - perhaps, as the Bible asserts, to pre-Diluvial times. ~ Z.S. Print versions (Sponsored links) The Books of Enoch: The Angels, The Watchers and The Nephilim https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1936533073/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1936533073&linkCode=as2&tag=archiveresour-20&linkId=450ad14d56bfb3ffd4bcb80088d11269 The Books of Enoch: Complete edition: Including (1) The Ethiopian Book of Enoch, (2) The Slavonic Secrets and (3) The Hebrew Book of Enoch https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1609422007/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1609422007&linkCode=as2&tag=archiveresour-20&linkId=73fd4d638867a57dce185541659d6af8 The Book of Enoch https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/099814262X/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=099814262X&linkCode=as2&tag=archiveresour-20&linkId=188ea8f6b02523ca9537a61169fdafbe INFORMATION: Thank you for viewing this presentation. The Archive appreciates your time and encourages you to explore our channel. Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/ancientastronautarchive Website: http://www.ancientastronautarchive.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AncientAstronautArchive CONTENT DISCLAIMER: All video presentations on the Ancient Astronaut Archive YouTube channel are original productions and are not duplicated or reused third party productions. Some content included in our presentations may derive from public domain sources. If such content is included in an Archive presentation, it is presented at a level where its transformative nature meets with YouTube Terms of Use, Community and Partner guidelines. All musical audio tracks are either sourced from YouTube’s Audio Library or third-party websites that issued copyright licenses through verifiable purchase contracts. Please review our FULL TERMS OF SERVICE at this link: http://ancientastronautarchive.com/youtubedisclaimer/
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Text Comments (2192)
James Stockton (23 hours ago)
Does anyone else catch the inner earth part?? I wonder if it has any physical truth
avner 888 (2 days ago)
Would you pls do a reading of the book of Jubilees?
Peres Heisig (6 days ago)
Thank so much for reading for me the book of Enoch it was wonderful and your voice was perfect iam listening now and i will Repeat it a gain to Understand it more and more it was such a Great help yo have done to many Children of the Living God our Dad God blesa you❤
Jarrod Bonneau (6 days ago)
Thank you so much Enoch for the revelations in this book
Jesus Social Network (6 days ago)
Great informative content. Thanks for sharing.
Tiffany Smith (6 days ago)
I love you Most High! 😘🤗🤗❤️
criixt (7 days ago)
The beginning sounds like the captain gave his crew some r and r, but it all went wrong lol
GIR !!! (7 days ago)
I love God.
equal shares (7 days ago)
I love this reading of the book of Enoch. I love this book so much for its content. Wow it's like a whole new description of the word of God just so much detail and depth of power Love and Truth the righteousness versus evil
Mun Hassan (7 days ago)
God is always there for you all, he loves you unconditional. I know we go through tough times and you wonder why. Everything happens for a reason keep your faith in god and believe xx
Jess poops Stuff (7 days ago)
So Humanity and People which would've been innocent would now burn in eternity because of the actions that the angels did, making it unfair. God knows the past , present and future right? He knew all of this would bring misery and pain on life. yet he still made angels and humans, etc just because he was lonely. HE KNEW how much DESTRUCTION and PAIN would come yet he still made creation. If angels couldn't keep their lusts away from women, how are earthly men meant to? something just doesn't add up.
Subtlemeetstyle (8 days ago)
I like the bit about the sheep
James Lewis (8 days ago)
Very nice narration. This book is one of my favourites. Ill finish listening to it when I get chance. 3 hours is long in 1 stint. I shall ensure though
dcbee z (10 days ago)
The book of Enoch, seems to be a prophecy of God's plan and summary, that he reveals and mentor's to Enoch; Noah, the flood, how men and women will fall to sin, the coming of Jesus, and an explanation of the architecture of God's creation and calender, how we will be judged and where we will serve that judgement. Endearingly, it also seems that Enoch has this learned and close interaction with God's greatest and closest Angel's: Michael, Gabriel, Tharial and Raphael. Enoch acknowledges and observes all the animals as if being a gaurdian but not to eat animals, as God had already said how God has provided plenty to eat with the trees, fruit, Olive's, nut's and herb's. 🤔. I am more so thinking we should be vegitarian? although God does say; if you CHOOSE to eat meat, to pray over the meat beforehand. The book expresses the harmony of the animal kingdom, the pecking order and the animals instinct for survival amongst themselves seperate from "hoomans". 🤔 And God explains that he will judge man for the destruction of the animals. God does have a concerned and protective 💓 for our animals. Enoch (or Chenokh in Hebrew) sounds to have been a good father to his son as God is to Jesus and us, his flock. The book of Enoch seems to be heavily aligned with the first testiment. Relatively harsh at times. Thank you God for your son and the forgiveness of our sins in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our saviour, just as you revealed the coming of your son, to Enoch.
dcbee z (10 days ago)
Reading everyone's comments; there is such the spirit of our Lord and exuberance, excitement and celebration! Thank you Lord Jesus for us having better understanding and Chenokh (meaning dedication in Hebrew) 🙏😄🇦🇺💗🙏
Subtlemeetstyle (10 days ago)
Why is Man learning ink & paper bad/wrong? How were bibles meant to be written without this? On clay tablets or not at all?
Subtlemeetstyle (10 days ago)
69.2 why are Turiel and Azazel named twice? 5th, 15th, 10th & 21st? Are they 4 different angels with the same names or is this a mistake?
Manuel Salazar (10 days ago)
This should be in the bible what the hell why is not it's all why things in life wow this book is part of the bible minds hearts open
*JAGUAR SOUTHPAW* (10 days ago)
😎😎😎 where can i get this book
JonPS (11 days ago)
everything has gone to shit
Thank you for this video GB
The Branch (11 days ago)
Thanks for this. Thanks heaps but chapter 20 i personally believe according to other translations, such as the Ethiopian translation that it makes more sense when said & read like thus; Enoch Chapter : 20:1-8. 1,2 And these are the names of the holy angels who watch. Uriel, one of the holy angels, who is 3 over the world and over Tartarus. Raphael, one of the holy angels, who is over the spirits of men. 4,5 Raguel, one of the holy angels who takes vengeance on the world of the luminaries. Michael, one 6 of the holy angels, to wit, he that is set over the best part of mankind and over chaos. Saraqael, 7 one of the holy angels, who is set over the spirits, who sin in the spirit. Gabriel, one of the holy 8 angels, who is over Paradise and the serpents and the Cherubim. Remiel, one of the holy angels, whom God set over those who rise. & also im not completely sure, but im pretty sure when it mentions serpents in chapter 8. I believe it means Seraphim . -( according to a bit study i think its meaning is referring to seraphim angels. I could be wrong, but thats my current view on the matter.)
bobi7 tanevski (12 days ago)
SS S (13 days ago)
Jesus at 33-40
Yailson Donaire Videos (13 days ago)
🌞 Knowledge: It's not about being a Muslim or a Christian. This book shouldn't make you want to put yourself in any of this two. Instead, we should focus on who is our true Creator. We should Read and learn as much information as we can, so we can get an idea of who created us, how it happened , and what happens after etc, etc. Knowledge is not a religion. Instead, knowledge is what every religion borrows information from, in order to build/shape their "doctrine". Knowledge is in religions, but is not a religion. If youre reading this book and others, simply to "defend" a religious organization, then youre just a "religious fanatic" not a "knowledge fanatic".
spud datoe (15 days ago)
I can see now how the Catholic church left out the book of Enoch from the bible .so they could lie to the people .
Hemalatha Prabhakar (16 days ago)
I thank God for being a Christian child of a true living God
Hemalatha Prabhakar (16 days ago)
Can any one answer to my doubt the fallen angels married human that is women. Against the will of God they sinned human gave birth to nephelians and other super humans Are they Hindu Gods
Chris Law (14 days ago)
They are what the myths of gods of the ancient civilizations came from. Not just the Hindu gods.
Aurora Klippert (17 days ago)
I get it!!!!
BEN FRANKDALIST (17 days ago)
This the real Bible study
Grace (20 days ago)
Surely Enoch is righteous.
Grace (20 days ago)
sonofyah2726 (20 days ago)
Wow....So much encouragement. To live Righteously.....i e. By The Law Of Moses 1st. Five Books Of The Bible King James Version Provided By Our Creator.....
Rechts ' is gevaarlijk (22 days ago)
Very poweful book. I wonder why it isn't in the Bible, I mean, Enoch is mentioned a couple times in several books in the Bible, so why is Enoch not?
J N (22 days ago)
i can see why they omitted it...makes God appear pretty mean and demanding... but Praise our Father for his Son and Holy Spirit.
Nero Lowell (23 days ago)
Gods are the extraterrestrial beings but people in this world just don’t understand it and cannot accept the fact
udhaya dikhena (23 days ago)
God Enoch glory forever for ever aeath
Memories Still (25 days ago)
Blessed, Glory HalleluYah to the LORD OF SPIRIT, Ahmein. Great reading, thank.
Beyond Beautiful (26 days ago)
Anybody else notice Lucifer name not mentioned here? So that was before us humans were created then ?
Yesyou Yesyou (28 days ago)
i am from malaysia, jesus l believe in you.
Zoo Yee Ping (29 days ago)
The children of the watchers survive the flood...Genesis chapter 6 vs 4...
Edward Holliman (30 days ago)
It is true the work of enoc the almighty of Asia tribes and many as one prey we are at the dark hour please it is not rage and not contagiuse it is the horn worm of the beast that has been ground and spread please tell them
0U8123MTA3 (1 month ago)
This book alone explains the existence of UFOs and their current breeding programs. It explains the existence of lawless individuals and the disembodied spirits that wander Earth upon their death. I look forward to the day the "birth pains" are over for all of us who know Truth.
Christina Molina (1 month ago)
Growing up in a Christian church & now finally finding out all unanswered questions I had. I always new & felt that there was something missing to why I could never fully understand. Thank you Jesus for leading me to this & understand what & why my life is going through & teaching me what has always been missing.
James Chin (1 month ago)
Thank you, admin. God bless you!
James Chin (1 month ago)
Wow! These revelations are great! It's actually a combination of the book of Genesis to Revelation. I just realised that l had missed so much of God's revelation! These is deep knowledge though. Though it is difficult to comprehend the first time, the holy spirit asked me to listen to it in many repeated times. He discerned me that He will interpret to me for easier understanding. Praise God in Christ Name! Shalom. 🙏
James Laiola (1 month ago)
Lordslothable (1 month ago)
This is fact. I don’t need to believe it because I’ve gone through it. Welcome to gangstalking by demons using nephilem spirits trapped on earth.
J.m.p (1 month ago)
creadhead (1 month ago)
I enjoy this guys voice! God bless. Amen and Amen.
Living Ash Tree (1 month ago)
Man, this is powerful!
peace& Love (1 month ago)
Nathan Ebbing (1 month ago)
Does anyone know the opening song or what genre it is? Thanks! O;)
Jose Colon (1 month ago)
Baksho Dhadda (1 month ago)
The book of Enoch is fundamentally important in understanding why this world 🌍 is the way it is! At present, it did not help mankind keeping this out of the bible, maybe be humanity would have cleaned up there act a long time ago, including me! Living in a very confusing world can’t be good for mans mind,but I’m grateful for coming across the book of Enoch, and now I understand with a heavy heart ❣ what happened! And how it has taken so long to attain some wisdom peace and understanding, this world 🌍 can not give you, all I know is when I turn to GOD,GOD HEARS MY HEAVY 💔 HEART, GOD KNOWS MY THOUGHTS, SECOND BY SECOND,WE ARE NOT ALONE,FOR THIS WORLD CAN NOT GIVE YOU PEACE,EVERYTIME I LISTEN 👂 TO THE WORD OF GOD ONLY GOD MY FATHER,GIVES ME PEACE, AND FOR THAT MY FATHER KNOWS I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL, WHILE STILL LIVING ON THIS PLANET 🌎 EARTH, AND YES IT KEEP ME GOING,KNOWING HOW MUCH OUR FATHER LOVES US,FOR WE ARE ALL GODS CHILDREN X
YT Agent (1 month ago)
I agree with you. I am finding myself praying and asking for forgiveness of my sins as well. I find myself contently staying in the word trying to stay strong in Jesus
Chantz Gunnell (1 month ago)
The lords name is Yahuwah
DANNY CooP (1 month ago)
Religion has not got a clue about this, makes me laugh
Perilous Jack (1 month ago)
What's with all the worshipping? Sounds like the Sumerians talking about what they perceived as Gods.. 'engineers'.
Vronel Blocker (1 month ago)
So obviously there was more than just two rebellions in the bible, the two common ones are the Serpent ,and then Adam with his Wife, but then the Bene Ha Elohim in Genesis 6 would make 3 different rebellions thus far. But what really baffles me is , the 200 of the Bene Ha Elohim that fell, they already knew the price they would have to pay before they stepped out and did it. Worse yet they sealed their doom by cursing themselves, like wow what the heck???!! Why didn't they just go to God and ask in the first place. I figure they were up to far more than just lusting after human women but had far more sinister desires that i think goes into rated X taboo unspeakable topics. Well either way, them Bene HaElohim got what they deserved for causing us so much agony and grief separating us from the Father and the occults that have formed since and the price God paid on the cross and resurrection , the extreme God had to go through to repair all the trauma those fallen entities caused us, I am just so greatful to what Jesus did for me. I do not need religion, i need Jesus.
LeakYou.com (1 month ago)
Petra Steyn (1 month ago)
Yeahhh, that's why we all are sinners, with or without our own knowledge!!!
Sheri Benjegerdes (1 month ago)
I'm sick of wotchcraft. This is not biblical.
Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Can someone pray for me. I’m a sinner , i want to be a servant of god and preach his truth
Tommey Boss (6 days ago)
Repent thats the only way.
Tommey Boss (6 days ago)
Just Repent its simple
0U8123MTA3 (30 days ago)
I pray that when you hear the Words of Humility from your Shepherd that they will become part of your personality. You will know what is right by what is humble. You will know to show your enemies kindness without putting yourself or others in a vulnerable position yet defending lives from physical attack if necessary. You will know to never answer a false witness and only answer when Truth about humble living is told. You will drink of these Teachings and never thirst again for any other teachings.
Gracie_R (1 month ago)
What else have they hidden from us?
Glenn Terrell (1 month ago)
Has anyone here ever been in a time of turmoil in there life where they screamed out so hard that you shook and cried out in a tongue you didn't understand? This happened to me. I was alone. I want to talk to someone this has happened to. It was not the tongues you hear in church. I think that is fake. I'm not sure where but I do believe that the Bible says that it only happens when you are alone with God. Someone please help me.
Lori Lorenchick (1 month ago)
If Enoch was taking up and did not return how did this book come to knowledge of man ?
Alondra M (1 month ago)
Missing ONE VERY, VERY IMPORTANT piece. God is coming for His remnant, His chosen people -- the Tribe of Juda, those scattered across the 4 corners, those enslaved and taken aboard ships to a foreign land, those whose history was attempted to be erased, those lost and who do not know their true roots, their real history, who they are and most important, whose they are. God said He would make those pay who mistreated His people, give them the same punishment they gave us. Oh, the day of joy is coming.
Uniquely Antionette (1 month ago)
Dang this book is scarier than the book of Revelation but I'm very happy and grateful that I stumbled upon this it confirms something that I see in my dreams. For the life of me i didnt know what they meant but now i do that you jesus.
They Hate The Truth (1 month ago)
What’s the song at 1:30 Been looking for it
The Prophet (1 month ago)
For the Son of Man will come with great glory so soon, He will save His people and destroy the unholy.
Brody Howerton (1 month ago)
Why is the book on Enoch not in some bibles? I don’t see it in mine.
Dojosreview (1 month ago)
Look up the missing books of the bible there's a few videos that explain it
Kimberly Parker (1 month ago)
I have the complete book and have read it..it opens up first few books of genesis and the book of Revelation
the1 right1 (1 month ago)
Now we know why they didn't include this specific book in the Bible, to hide the truth of how we all are living and to turn from it, what will indeed happen to those that were fortunate to pick what they wanted in the Bible to uninform and mislead us, what's going to happen to them is here, the disgusting things of this world, the blatant evil is right at our hands literally, we must throw it out this book says, but it is not included in most Bibles that are most out, thanks for this, I m listening in 3 part, amazing so far!
R.M. M (1 month ago)
He doesn’t like to Be called God..He is our Father in Heaven but more or less a wonderful feeling in the heart...that’s His name..that feeling..you don’t have to speak words to Him, the emotions speak very loudly without words...labels..names.,are only needed here for us to help make sense of things but in reality they’re not needed
donald boucher (1 month ago)
We are sinners cause we don't understand the nature of reality, and the many realm of consciousness and dimensions that are not accessible from our earthly plane! Every time you have a thought and it doesn't seem right it's probably your intuition (higher self) talking to to you! Pay attention, listen , observe, all your answers are within you as you are connected to your Source! Thanks for this uploading as it brings light, and only one path to follow! The path to the Source that we are all connected to!!!
MichiMind (1 month ago)
1:01:30 100% proof of the Massiah why are you waiting praise The Lord of Righteousness, Glory, Honor, and Awesome Wonderful Power!!
Cristina Saito (1 month ago)
beautiful book
Jackie Cooper (1 month ago)
Look im not a perfect man. Currently im smoking a cigarette and drinking alcohol. And yet i tell you not only follow this teaching but truly absorb this wisdom i tell you there is none greater than the Eternal King God. Choose Lord Jesus as your savour. I say to you now read my heart in these words. For i tell you there is no man higher. What i tell you is this earth this life doesn't matter. The only thing that truly matters is The Lord of Spirits and The Eternal King. Take head to what im saying i dont need likes only thoes shoe seek the father
Marduk Gilgamesh (1 month ago)
Weeaboo game commercials XD
43coco1 (1 month ago)
This just confirms for me that real children of Israel will rise!❤
Jyl Freeman (2 months ago)
And so the picture of our illusion is painted. Many of us have been tempted by angelics to perform selfish, violent acts for material rewards. And many of us have refused temptations realizing that the poorest man is a rich man and that violence against another is exactly the same as violence against one of our own. Beyond that, many of us have chosen NOT to judge others for their god-given desires, lest we ourselves also be judged. That last one was difficult for me. I don't like when others are racist or sexist but I would rather them speak freely so that I can also speak freely. All of this pretend duality between childish concepts of "good" and "bad" so that we may learn the truth and then be able to manifest our own idea of heaven on earth. So that we may be able to use our free will to create. It is terrible to wield power but this power is kept in check by the Logos. I used to think that I would bow down to no one and worship no force outside myself but now I know the meaning of God. I am glad that there is a power outside myself. Adonai.
Alison Fabe (2 months ago)
I want to purchase the books, but not sure which one to get. There are 3 download links to Amazon - The Books of Enoch: Complete edition: Including (1) The Ethiopian Book of Enoch, (2) The Slavonic Secrets and (3) The Hebrew Book of Enoch or The Book of Enoch - If anyone can assist me please let me know. no point in purchasing the same
Lane Marrs (2 months ago)
This mos def explained the Fall of Atlantis, blood sacrifice,cannibalism and the Archons influence though antiquity and blood magick
John Doe (2 months ago)
This was a spiritual feeding to a answer to my prayer from Easter day. For the challenging I a was Challenged FAITH.
Tracy Wellbelove (2 months ago)
How many times is the word "destroy" said? Too many, disturbed me alot.
Eric Vinson (2 months ago)
Although this is not canonical it gives us insight into how 2nd temple Jews thought. Yahweh is the only true God and people who worship aliens might as well worship satan.
Chayo S (2 months ago)
Who brote the book of Enoch? When is that was excluded from the bible? Why was excluded? Why is that Christian Churches do not believe that the book of Enoch was inspired by God? So is not relevant to talk off it. The book of Enoch talk about angels and named the angels many of them, The Bible talks about very few angels, that means that the other mentioned on Enoch's books didn't exist or viceversa? So many questions very little answers.
Vincent Simmons (2 months ago)
Wow! U got a huge number of views on this one, considering how many readings of this book are available on YouTube. But still ur reading is definitely better than most. Thanks!
Ronnie Walker (2 months ago)
Am I the only only who think s that they switched enochs . this could have been written by cains son not jareds son Idk. Blind leading the blind
alexander 'd great (2 months ago)
How many book is the book of enoch. Im confused if this is really the complete book of enoch. Please enlighten me. Tnx
Midsouth Homestead (2 months ago)
My husband has been reading this and the book of Jaser for some time. This is something I have never heard. Thank you Lord for leading me here.
white bones (2 months ago)
Respect and understanding.
NewFound Adventures (2 months ago)
I just love the Book of Enoch
Alpha Scot (2 months ago)
Listen to no man, it has been proven they lie. We had a chance to become our own gods but we were betrayed a long time ago and have been made blind and are now seen as expendable. They will leave us.
Alpha Scot (2 months ago)
Live your life as god intended.
Donna Jordqn (2 months ago)
Wow. Something has shifted in the spiritual realm. Hearts are being stirred out of complacency. The Lord is calling us by HIS Spirit to draw closer to HIM and away from the things of this world. The creator is making HIMSELF known to us. Every eye will see HIM very soon. 🙌
Patrick Milton (2 months ago)
If you are alive and breathing you are and have been chosen. But the path u take is up to you. Free will good or bad is your choice
Pablo Herrera (2 months ago)
30 min could it be purgatory.
Brandon Figueroa (2 months ago)
I talk to God in my conscience, when I think of God I start to question. I've been observing myself when I talk to myself I now know I talk to God when I talk to God the devil tries to come in my head puts thoughts then that's when i question myself God says nothing but let's me feel what's real when I think of God using my heart and not just my mind but in the deepest part of my brain is when I feel God in my heart and I've been doing this ever since I've turned 18 I started putting my past in the present and I started asking questions to myself and I started making sense why I was different from everyone else in my generation I've always asked myself when I was little why I dont have alot of friends why I cant get a girlfriend even if I try and God answered me he had everything planned I needed to find my way my purpose the bible has always been there in my life but I never took the time to actually read it one day I was lying down and I ask myself why I dont have any friends and I hear a crow and I observed the crow cawing and I counted how many times it was cawing and I look it up and it said dont seek those things on earth and it was making sense why I was hurting because I thought I didnt fit in this world but it was the other way around the world isn't fit in me because everything in the world isn't meant for me I dont ask God for alot but I know it doesnt bother him because if it did I wouldn't be here there wouldn't be no meaning of life I believe God created us to understand what it's like to sacrifice things that means everything to him think of it but not with just your mind he know he was gonna send Lucifer to earth he knew he was gonna create us God sent Lucifer down to earth because Lucifer wanted to be God and he did make him God but not my God satan is a God of sin but God created us to serve him and to really understand what he go's thru when we grow wisdom we sin cause when we grow wisdom we question it again and that's living double minded

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