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The Book of Enoch Complete

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This Ethiopic version of the Book of Enoch is deemed by scholars to be older by several centuries than the Slavonic one, and portions of that older version are in turn known to have been based on Keepers of the Secrets 129 even older manuscripts, such as a lost Book of Noah. Fragments of the Enoch books were discovered among the Dead Sea scrolls. The astronomical-calendrical tale of Enoch thus goes back into great antiquity - perhaps, as the Bible asserts, to pre-Diluvial times. ~ Z.S. Print versions (Sponsored links) The Books of Enoch: The Angels, The Watchers and The Nephilim https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1936533073/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1936533073&linkCode=as2&tag=archiveresour-20&linkId=450ad14d56bfb3ffd4bcb80088d11269 The Books of Enoch: Complete edition: Including (1) The Ethiopian Book of Enoch, (2) The Slavonic Secrets and (3) The Hebrew Book of Enoch https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1609422007/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1609422007&linkCode=as2&tag=archiveresour-20&linkId=73fd4d638867a57dce185541659d6af8 The Book of Enoch https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/099814262X/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=099814262X&linkCode=as2&tag=archiveresour-20&linkId=188ea8f6b02523ca9537a61169fdafbe INFORMATION: Thank you for viewing this presentation. The Archive appreciates your time and encourages you to explore our channel. Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/ancientastronautarchive Website: http://www.ancientastronautarchive.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AncientAstronautArchive CONTENT DISCLAIMER: All video presentations on the Ancient Astronaut Archive YouTube channel are original productions and are not duplicated or reused third party productions. Some content included in our presentations may derive from public domain sources. If such content is included in an Archive presentation, it is presented at a level where its transformative nature meets with YouTube Terms of Use, Community and Partner guidelines. All musical audio tracks are either sourced from YouTube’s Audio Library or third-party websites that issued copyright licenses through verifiable purchase contracts. Please review our FULL TERMS OF SERVICE at this link: http://ancientastronautarchive.com/youtubedisclaimer/
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Text Comments (2943)
NewFound Adventures (2 hours ago)
I just love the Book of Enoch
Alpha Scot (5 hours ago)
Listen to no man, it has been proven they lie. We had a chance to become our own gods but we were betrayed a long time ago and have been made blind and are now seen as expendable. They will leave us.
Alpha Scot (5 hours ago)
Live your life as god intended.
Donna Jordqn (10 hours ago)
Wow. Something has shifted in the spiritual realm. Hearts are being stirred out of complacency. The Lord is calling us by HIS Spirit to draw closer to HIM and away from the things of this world. The creator is making HIMSELF known to us. Every eye will see HIM very soon. 🙌
Patrick Milton (10 hours ago)
If you are alive and breathing you are and have been chosen. But the path u take is up to you. Free will good or bad is your choice
Pablo Herrera (16 hours ago)
30 min could it be purgatory.
Brandon Figueroa (21 hours ago)
I talk to God in my conscience, when I think of God I start to question. I've been observing myself when I talk to myself I now know I talk to God when I talk to God the devil tries to come in my head puts thoughts then that's when i question myself God says nothing but let's me feel what's real when I think of God using my heart and not just my mind but in the deepest part of my brain is when I feel God in my heart and I've been doing this ever since I've turned 18 I started putting my past in the present and I started asking questions to myself and I started making sense why I was different from everyone else in my generation I've always asked myself when I was little why I dont have alot of friends why I cant get a girlfriend even if I try and God answered me he had everything planned I needed to find my way my purpose the bible has always been there in my life but I never took the time to actually read it one day I was lying down and I ask myself why I dont have any friends and I hear a crow and I observed the crow cawing and I counted how many times it was cawing and I look it up and it said dont seek those things on earth and it was making sense why I was hurting because I thought I didnt fit in this world but it was the other way around the world isn't fit in me because everything in the world isn't meant for me I dont ask God for alot but I know it doesnt bother him because if it did I wouldn't be here there wouldn't be no meaning of life I believe God created us to understand what it's like to sacrifice things that means everything to him think of it but not with just your mind he know he was gonna send Lucifer to earth he knew he was gonna create us God sent Lucifer down to earth because Lucifer wanted to be God and he did make him God but not my God satan is a God of sin but God created us to serve him and to really understand what he go's thru when we grow wisdom we sin cause when we grow wisdom we question it again and that's living double minded
nalle torres (1 day ago)
why? this is not afeared in catholic bible...
Chris Romero (1 day ago)
First time listener, always been a lover of jesus.... just fill of sin.i know what I must do.....whole heartily give my soul back to christ, not Luke warm like I have been.....
Chris Romero (1 day ago)
I almost always pray, sometimes I forget... yet there have been times I know God has helped me...for instance, man so many but, I was driving drunk down an unfamiliar route, I mean nothing, dessert, wen I see 3 sherrifs vehicles in front of me parked on the side, I kept going and ot was cool..???? It's a dead end, ohhhhhhh.i had to turn around....I thought /believe this was it...as I drove :12AM in the morning ; back the way I came, no cops,no cops.....I was in the wrong, but thank God for good directions.....one more. I was broke, at work no gas, no lunch, then I got a 20 dollar tip.... thank you jesus christ I love you....many more.....🙏👍🤗
The most high has blessed us who choose to follow.
Intruder (4 days ago)
What were Azazel and his groupies thinking?!
Samonniah Puah (5 days ago)
HOLY, HOLY. HOLY is my elohim. All praise, all glory and majesty to the full GOD head. This book makes love and fear my Abba TMH all the more. All things that I have seen and experienced in my life ,the book of Enoch brings such confirmation and clarity. This generation and all generations, if they knew how much he loves them, many wouldn't do shamful things that grieve him. The father is all knowing, all seeing. YAH is such a elohim of order. The universe is his. All things are his even Satan was made from him and was made good. YAH he is I AM. The WORD was from the beginning. He allows all creation a free will to choose life or death. A second shouldn't go by with out giving him his do worship and everything else he deserves.
Pierotte Pepe Vassau (6 days ago)
I've never had trouble shareing but here I did
Deanna Douglas (7 days ago)
You can’t just know this stuff, you have to live it..
Ian Daigle (7 days ago)
Make right with the Most High nothing in between. God bless you all
Emmanuel (7 days ago)
Can someone teach me how to properly pray to God ? i don't trust our Church here in Greece :( and i too try to learn as much as i can about God
Isack Mununga (8 days ago)
I love the book of Enoch may God strengthen those whom he had endorsed the energy to distribute the message to the undistributed persons.
candice german (9 days ago)
Who are they to choose what to remove from the Bible ?? God said not to take away or add to the Bible ........
Gary Morris (9 days ago)
He had the testimony that he pleased God
Mekelo (9 days ago)
The thing I hate most was fasting... Praise be to God I can now fast for a week without eating a solid food
Terrance Phillis (10 days ago)
My full faith is in Jesus Christ our Lord
Vanity Mvkavelli (12 days ago)
I’ve felt the presence of the creator recently he isn’t happy with how we been treating the earth. I’ve been walking my path in waking other ppl up to this beautiful world he mad for me for you for all of us. Jesus was real and the creator is more forgiven then we think. He’s energy almost feels scary because he’s so powerful and we only have a drip of that power in each of us. I never believed in anything when I was younger and there’s people out there that will tell you that this is an energy based planet which it is but ppl don’t believe in God and seem to think they are Gods themselves which on a level can be true. He made this place for us to enjoy he wants us to pay attention to detail because he spent a lot of time making everything perfect. I may sound like a bible or something but I assure you guy I don’t read the Bible I only know some stories as of recently because my spiritual awakening was just a year ago. I heard of this book from this women I watch YouTube she is a bruja she keeps saying read this book now I’m here. The energy in which people call God is here he told me hisself and he’s not happy at all. But he said he was proud of me and the work I’m trying to do. I was meant to come here to help others.
Shane B (12 days ago)
I am a little confused about the gates..I'm going to rewatch this to understand a little more about our seasons...I got so confused. But I'm loving this and more people need to know about the book of enoch...it opens my eyes and there for should be shared with everyone...it makes me so mad that man has butchered the word of god... but the lord will judge these awful humans...so I'm more disappointed than anything because I know the lord has got this covered...😊
Robert Arellano (13 days ago)
So it shall be done so it shall be written...the way, the truth, And the way...his story is the bible its our history. This missing book makes it complete for these end times. Amen.
Ltvn1968 (13 days ago)
Read your Bible. Start with the book of John.......prayers for you from a fellow believer.❤️
Ann (13 days ago)
This book is for us, the final generation!
Alice emmanuel (14 days ago)
Lord my God forgive me for my sins, have mercy upon my life
Emmanuel Nutor (14 days ago)
Repentance is indeed never an accident...!!!! Be fast please
Tanika Williams (15 days ago)
Thank you God for your mercy
Andrea Yisrael (16 days ago)
The Key is Keep the Law. Thanks for this!!
The Dusty Bogan (16 days ago)
Did you hear about 8 minuets in. when the giants died their spirt became evil active spirts on the earth. Actively making life harder for people. Think about this: Jesus is half human and the other half God. Just like these giants are half human half heavenly realms/watcher. What happened when Jesus died? His spirt became a wondering spirit empowering believers. I wonder if this has correlation. This could have been apart of Jesus mission. To get his spirit active and empowering to help people. This gives us another understanding of the importance of Jesus life death and resurrection. Powerful.
kanika Johnson (16 days ago)
As in the days of Noah. They're coming!
kanika Johnson (16 days ago)
In the bible it says in those days there was giants when the sons of man.... so on.. then suddenly its oh moving on to another subject. I always knew that wasnt right even when I had only just started reading the bible didnt add up I was thinking hold up what wheres the rest of this enochs story ... then i found out they removed it .its coming to light now in these last days and jesus said it would in revelations. The book of enoch is very important concerning the time we are in that's why ppl will tremble in fear for what's coming upon the earth but we wont because we know
Kellie Hudak (17 days ago)
I'm very confused about the part where it talks about the rising and setting of the sun and the moon.
Bret Roman (11 days ago)
Lets just say- our modern mainstream views/ideas/theory of the worlds cosmology has been designed through centuries of lies and indoctrination. First came the waters, then the earth, then the sun and moon and stars within the firmament. Praise Yah
KINGPEN COWBOY (14 days ago)
im going to re watch that part remind me tomorrow eve to reiterate that best i can lets talk over it im interested ALSO!!
Christian Mercredi (18 days ago)
This book helped me find God more with alot of understanding. I am glad the Lord showed me this. I became a Christian now ive been doing alot of research about the truth. The World is so small when you have God in your heart. Bless You All =)
D S (18 days ago)
Thank you for this video. God bless you
At 7:33 is that a different way to spell Ezekiel? It's interesting or is it meant to be spelled that way or is it completely different than the other name?
Fantom Zap (19 days ago)
15:47 enoch disapears
M M (20 days ago)
I don’t know why the church didn’t include the book of Enoch within the Holy Bible?!!!
greymoon2 (20 days ago)
To stay with God is to transcend the worries of the world as Enoch revealed - even as he wrote about the Messiah (the Christ) in the BC years, before our Boss, Christ Jesus arrived as prophesied. Thank you and be blessed for sharing
Dennisland (20 days ago)
Remember, those who attach their entire faith and belief system, as gospel on any ancient writing should understand that the smallest incorrect detail in any text can change the context and meaning of the entire message. Is not the correct translation of Genesis 1.1 from ancient hebrew "In the beginning The Gods..." ? We need to look at Sumerian cunieform tablets that pre date the bible by millenia and include these in our understanding and we will realise GODS in plural was always consistent, this is where most of the bible sourced material. Book of Enki, Emerald tablets etc
Bret Roman (11 days ago)
Dennisland thanks for the reading suggestion. im just trying to figure things out! definitely makes senses to research the oldest texts to piece things together.
mulugeta zewdu (21 days ago)
for every christian out there, if you are reading Bible which is published by westerners, or any version of KJB, or any Bible supported by protestant pastor, or Catholics you are definitely reading the fake Bible, leave it in the table. if you really want to know the true word of GOD, the original Bible before European changed it, you have to search it in the old church like Ethiopian orthodox church or Coptic church or Syria orthodox church, Hebrew Bible etc
Bret Roman (11 days ago)
mulugeta zewdu thank you. Praise Yah
Lawrence Majcher (21 days ago)
I have been to Heaven 3 time that I can know for sure.Now I have learned that everything in The Bible is Possible Today in anyone's Life. "You have not because you have ask not." Ask and Receive ! GOD Loves HIS Children ! Love and Blessings, Larry.
xbird manx (22 days ago)
I 😍 this book
Hisbeautiful Truth (22 days ago)
Cadence, inflection and tone....just right. Thank you.
Suthun Rath (22 days ago)
Has anyone ever thought maybe Enoch is one if the two witnesses in REVELATIONS
Bill Kiele (21 days ago)
Most frequently mentioned candidates are Enoch and Elijah, neither of whom suffered death yet, but were taken away.
Vladimir josh (23 days ago)
What!!!!! Does this mean that Enoch authored a book which didn't enter the Bible. But why? Can we outright trust this is the book Enoch wrote? Why isn't this in the Bible? Can anybody instruct me?☺
Melanie Ann (24 days ago)
God knows I am so taken by this book. My spirit leaped inside when I first laid eyes upon it now 10 years ago. This is the most beautiful presentation ever! Thank you!!
William Kirk (25 days ago)
This reads like a new text, new words. Didn't know they used some of these words then
Kinq Calb (23 days ago)
This book was written specifically for this generation that's why. Enoch was in heaven when he saw and wrote the book and brought is back down to earth
Bärgluft Nationalism (26 days ago)
Abby Hamp (26 days ago)
This is one of the best things I've ever come across and I can understand it so well .I thank God for saving my soul.
Will Esco (26 days ago)
What i love about the book of Enoch is that it reads like his diary. He gives us NO room for misinterpretation. The most high is righteous
Saw Gay Moo (27 days ago)
Dear brothers and sisters in christ, if you have stepped on this book of enoch its mean that God has been leading you all the way. Read again and again to gain wisdom and understanding. This is precious book that should not taken out from scripture. Father speak and you will know the truth. Have you find peace in reading this book. Amen. God is leading you in more deeper in relationship with Him, in Jesus name Amen!
Whatis Truth (28 days ago)
Why was the book taken out of Judaism ? Why was the book taken out of the Christian Bible ? Both answers are within the words of this book,listen carefully,left within both religions things would be much different and a whole lot better !
Nathan Mark (29 days ago)
I am a sinner yet I love God with all my heart. My life will change now I have been awakened.
SKyWalker7 (29 days ago)
That was an amazing video. I am in awe. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Trevor Lahey (29 days ago)
Enoch keeps me sane Thank god for bringing this to light !! its helps me fill in the gapps and wow just to read the comments so many eyes are being opened its so Empowering to read. its been dark for many years in my life.. but the last weeks i just want more and more of the truth growing up as a Jehovahs witness being excommunicated at a age of 15 .. false teachings false hope and false love made my eyes blind and my heart full of hate. Thank The lord to show me the light.
Somus Ariktus (30 days ago)
My question, what exactly did Enoch that God loved him, i have no need all the stories and knowledge, I have studied that book, but there is no explenation. What did Enoch do to be chosen...
Bin Lee (2 days ago)
Somus Ariktus does God need to give u a reasoning behind choosing him as the one when God knows which deeds enoch did and stayed in the path of righteousness to be the chosen? Its like asking God to show urself!! Then i will believe u!
Jill Harding (30 days ago)
I cant believe how many times I cried whilst listening to gods words. I felt my body fill with something I can't explains but it was the most loving feeling flowing through me. I felt so much, I'm crying while writing this. I think I felt I was being helped somehow. Wow what an experience... 🙏🙏
Will Williams (1 month ago)
Get thee behind me satan. Making this video skip. I know its original version is fine. I'm talking to you YouTube go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jay levin (1 month ago)
This video explains ghosts (evil spirit manifestations), ufo's, ancient marvels (pyramids, stone henge) and ties in to Jesus's word about the last days (being like they were in the time of Noah), and the book of Jude (angels not given to marriage and fallen angels being kept in darkness). Thank you for sharing
Grandma Love (1 month ago)
All thing come in God good timing. At it's appointed time.
Guido Sarducci (1 month ago)
Please lengthen intro it is too short and enjoyable!
Rafael Leonidas (1 month ago)
So...in chapter 72...when it mentions the parts of a day/night, is it referring to an hour for each part?
whatroads4x4 (1 month ago)
Kinda confused, who is the lord of spirits? Is this God? Or a separate entity?
E K (1 month ago)
Heb 12:9 Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?
Mc1r (1 month ago)
Knowledge is true religion, stop canonization and undue it. If we are created in the image of the Devine, the Devine is judge... let us be our own judges, do not steal and bury things like this! Aka "Constantines" *remember the council?
Triston (1 month ago)
Can someone explain 96:6
E K (1 month ago)
6Woe unto you, sinners, who in the midst of the sea, and on dry land, are those against whom an evil record exists. Woe to you who squander silver and gold, not obtained in righteousness, and say, We are rich, possess wealth, and have acquired everything which we can desire. Rev 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, Rev 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth Ecc 3:18 I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.
Amanda King (1 month ago)
God is perfect and God knew exactly what he was doing... praise God for he is worthy.. bow and give him the praise that he deserves
VGiacobe (1 month ago)
Jesus is the Word of God. The Light of the world! 🙏
Ben Enright (1 month ago)
Bless all of you who read this book. Thank God
Doug Hendrickson (1 month ago)
What really annoys me is that living in America we have been born into a satanic system that has us saying and living out satanic ritualistic pagan holidays names of 7 days of the week are names of Saturn and thor and like new years in the dead of winter...there's nothing new when trees are dead not bringing forth leaves flowers blooming like in the spring and birds trying to mate in the spring when nature in alive not in the dead of winter....now day NAMES like Saturday= SATURN and Thursday=THOR sunday=sun worship day.....AND THESE NAMES OF SOME OF THE MONTHS ARE PAGAN NAMES OF PAGAN ROMAN LEADERS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE LIKE AUGUST ECT
Even if they persecute me for your name Lord you are worth think you most high God bless everyone here seeking more of your precious glory
GLAM ME D TV (1 month ago)
Thanks to TMH, for forgiving me for all of my sins and giving me a chance to truly find you to get it right even when I don’t deserve it, I pray I stay on a narrow path as I continue my journey thru you I LOVE YOU THANK YOU JESUS, I’m nothing without you❤️🙏🏽🤗
Derrick German (1 month ago)
Thanks,true words.
Mike Larry (1 month ago)
Theres a spiritual war going on right now and i think alot of us feel it. We need to pray for gods angels of protection over us all in the name of jesus christ, amen. Im 32 years old and far from a fanatic but i believe in our one and true god through the name of jesus christ. God bless all
Maccabee Yasharale (1 month ago)
Praise Yahweh!!!
Jon Paul (1 month ago)
I’m opening my eyes for the 1st time n my 37 yrs of living
Trump 2020 (7 days ago)
Congratulations brother
Marilyn Watene (1 month ago)
Every Latter Day Saint knows this...It was given to us in the 1930's in Doctrine and Covenants 76 and also is covered somewhat in the Book of Mormon. Where we go to wait for judgement, and how we are separated evil from good...and the glories we inherit after judgement...
Marilyn Watene (1 month ago)
Well, the part about where we are before judgement and where we go....
Lee F (1 month ago)
I love the energy I feel in here.... God bless
Clint Cowles (1 month ago)
Thank you.
Wayne Baker (1 month ago)
Chronologically this was the next book after genesis; what reason was it removed
Dave Wilson (27 days ago)
The Book of Enoch was supposedly written before any other book of the Bible.
Linda Irvine (1 month ago)
Amazing! Truly a blessed book so sad most Christians won’t entertain it
Ark Otso (1 month ago)
This is actually a dangerous book that's why it was removed. The church was very abusive in the old days and they were very afraid, for this book is for the righteous chosen to be given the power to command God's Archangels to destroy the evil ones in power like Corporations, Politicians, Governments, Twisted SJW groups. If you think you are one of the chosen please do not hesitate to use this God given power. You might cause a lot of destruction thou so tread carefully.
DC R (1 month ago)
What language was Enoch speaking?
Audrey R (1 month ago)
The giants were probably the ‘old gods’. Just like how Nordics believed in Odin, and the Greeks in Zeus.
elruforafa (1 month ago)
The book of Enoch was meant to be public on the last days of humankind... Be aware now! if you are curious how was not include in the Bible back in the days. God now his way! I believe to have had read part of Enoch book where he states Angels were made out of Rock, if you run in that script, please shoot me a message in the Reply box under my comment with the chapter etc. Thank you!
Steven T (1 month ago)
Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus will come like a thief in the night.
William G (1 month ago)
Its the awesome truth!
Tracy Freeman (1 month ago)
Thank you Jehovah for bringing to this. I been searching for along time and felt lost. They have really program us to lies and false prophets. You are the light and the truth
Lee H (1 month ago)
He measured 18 hr days. This was written before the continent's split. When Africa and America were separated by a river or nothing. Take the Atlantic Ocean away and the eye of the Sahara and Peru aren't too far away.
Elijah Congoo (1 month ago)
Can somebody elaborate on this for me? I've asked the Holy Spirit if He would allow me to listen to this and not only did He allow me to listened to this, He requested i begin immediate studies on it with Him. ☺
Janell T. (1 month ago)
The Enochian language of Angels can this really be an Angelic language? In the year 1581, occultists John Dee and Edward Kelley, claimed to have received communications from angels, who provided them with the foundations of a language with which to communicate with ‘the other side’.  This ‘angelic’ language contained its own alphabet, grammar and syntax, which they wrote down in journals.  The new language was called "Enochian" and comes from John Dee's assertion that the Biblical Patriarch Enoch had been the last human to know the language.
Rosemary Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Thank you
MrThehbus (1 month ago)
Who are the people disliking this book? Makes you wonder smh.
MrThehbus (1 month ago)
The message of this book is to call us to repent and turn our ways towards the Heavenly Father.
Alex Jr. (1 month ago)
True revelation!
joe west (1 month ago)
Jesus is real and awating for you to come to Him!!
John Miller (1 month ago)
I am glad that this book is available to anyone who wants to see what lies in it's pages. I believe there are MANY questions of life that are answered in these writings which I truly believe should have been placed in the original Canon. As we read the scriptures to me it looks like the 12 apostles and the early church looked to this book for understanding.

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