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Mr. D. Presents: Mr. Passive Voice

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Go ahead...never learn how to write or speak in active voice. Who needs it, anyway?
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Vladyslav Trotskyi (1 year ago)
ElitesMax (6 years ago)
LOL! You got owned!
Stephanie Molchan (7 years ago)
Subject: I Verb: am Predicate Nominative: a trained professional. "trained" is a perfect passive participle modifying "professional". It is definitely NOT the verb of the sentence. We call them "verbal adjectives." In the passive voice, the subject receives the action of the main verb. Ex: The food was eaten by the dog.
maddog241996 (7 years ago)
Mr. Lyon's class FTW!
maddog241996 (7 years ago)
is passive agressive an actual sentence, or a tone?
maddog241996 (7 years ago)
MrDsClass (7 years ago)
@KevJJ888 - with all due respect, I must tell you that you are wrong. A typical form of passive voice the agentless passive: a sentence in which the performer of an action is not identified. Trust me, I am a trained professional.
KevJJ888 (7 years ago)
All of those sentences were in active voice. His tone is passive.
Jaime Cantwell (7 years ago)
I am in Mr D's P4

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